Phew, all done!

All the work for my show is finished, apart from a few minor things. I am really looking forward to the opening on Friday and hope you guys will attend! Now that the pieces are finished I can focus on Christmas crafting…I can’t believe it’s already December. Time flies when you’re drawing cute critters.

Say Hello to my new Farmyard Friends

Much was accomplished this weekend in terms of my Cafe Estelle show! Hoping to knock a few more pieces out this week, so be sure to comment with critter requests if you have them! I hope you like the new pieces:

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

Colored pencils and marker on wood
D-d-d-danger, watch behind you—there’s a McDuck out to find you.

The Dead Milkmen

Colored pencils and marker on wood
That’ll teach them to go cow tipping.

To do:

  • Make cow illustration
  • Make chicken illustration
  • Make sheep illustration
  • Make cat illustration
  • Make duck illustration
  • Make owl illustration
  • Make fox illustration
  • Finish ink drawings on children’s school desk
  • Paint children’s school desk
  • Order “say hello to my little friends” custom wall decal
  • Order number pins for labeling work
  • Create and print title/price list
  • Set up printer and scanner at home
  • Scan new pieces and add to website and Etsy
  • Order prints of any pieces that are not in stock
  • Order more chipboard backing and plastic sleeves for prints
  • Print labels for buttons and pocket mirrors
  • Package buttons and pocket mirrors
  • Design and print postcards to promote the show
  • Redesign business cards and order them, pronto!
  • Pick up food and beer for the opening on Friday, December 3rd