We Heart: Our Wedding Vendors

I haven’t really written at all about our wedding plans, so I figured I should share some of our vendors with you guys now that things seem to be coming together smoothly. We’ve decided on an incredibly intimate ceremony and reception in our own backyard this September with our parents and siblings & their significant others (and Betty White). Having our immediate family gathered together at a long farm table, enjoying a locally-grown, delicious meal together is our vision of what our reception will be like. We’re not doing things traditionally by any means, so we’re looking forward to coming up with ways to personalize the wedding to make it our own.

Photo courtesy of Ruffled

Our fantabulous vendors will be attending tomorrow’s Lovesick Expo at World Cafe Live, an earth-friendly, guy-friendly, budget-friendly wedding event. If you’re engaged (or even if you’re not), consider swinging by between 11am-3pm to chat with some amazingly talented people (tickets are only $6.50 online).

First up is the first vendor we booked, Morrissey Photo, a husband and wife team who couldn’t be any cuter. We really love their artistic style and can’t wait to have them capture the day. They’re very laid back and totally up for our ideas, so we are smitten.

Photos courtesy of Morrissey Photo

For our caterer, we wanted to have as much locally grown, fresh food as possible, which is why we went with Joshua’s Catering, based right around the corner in Jenkintown. We were blown away by how much the owner, David, was on the same page as us from the very beginning. Pete had someone to ramble with about red worms and composting and I had someone to gush with about local cheeses and wanting to raise chickens. We’ve been throwing some menu ideas back and forth, and we can’t wait for our tasting.

Photos courtesy of Joshua’s Events

Our florist, Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, is a petite, sustainably managed, urban flower farm and floral design studio with locally grown flowers. We really wanted stunning, quirky flowers—from my bridal bouquet to his boutonniere—so we’ll be working with the owner, Jennie Love, to create some sweet floral accents.

Photos courtesy of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

It was important to us to have a non-denominational officiant, which is why we were drawn to Journeys of the Heart since they’ll craft the ceremony based on our own style and personality. They work with couples to personalize the ceremony by sharing their individual story creatively and with a good sense of humor.

Photos courtesy of Journeys of the Heart

We selected Naila, one of their officiants, because we connected with her bio instantly (anyone who references “The Princess Bride” and uses the word “goober” in their officiant writeup is a-ok in my book).

Our only non-Lovesick vendor (but still equally as awesome) is Luke Cleary, our ceremony and cocktail musician. When we first started discussing wedding plans, we talked about how nice it would be to have a guitarist playing classic and contemporary songs in our own backyard. Luckily Luke is well versed in old-school numbers, but also knows a lot of our favorites like David Bowie—he even taught a group of students an entire Bowie concert at the School of Rock.

It’s been nice being able to plan everything together with Pete—I’m thrilled he is actually interested in things like boutonnieres and ceremony decor (gasp). He’s even gone a bit crazy on Pinterest lately, which is my favorite way to collect wedding inspiration. I’ll be sure to share some of our DIY ideas soon, we’re really excited to incorporate things like canning (ginger peach jam favors, yes please!) and home brewing. Fun times! Anyway, that’s our geeky wedding news, I’ll be back to posting photos of Betty White in no time, pinky swear.


{Engagement} Kate & Erik

I had the pleasure of recently photographing Kate and Erik during their engagement session at Swarthmore College, where the two originally met as students. During my e-mails with Kate, I could tell we would hit it off—anyone who mentions bringing bubbles and animal head hats as props gets an instant thumbs-up of approval from yours truly. During the shoot, we began our journey near a rail overpass that the duo filmed a scene of a horror movie at when they were students.

We made our way to the Scott Outdoor Amphitheater on campus, which was constructed way back in 1942 and designed by noted Philadelphia landscape architect, Thomas W. Sears. The college holds their commencement here each year, so while remaining symbolic, it was also a beautifully serene backdrop for our shoot.

My heart pitter pattered when they brought out the bubbles, because I cannot resist swirly, rainbow-y goodness.

Erik even crafted handmade signs for their save the date cards, which was a sweet detail to capture during our afternoon together. As a side note, who doesn’t love a good moose hat?

Back when they were students, Erik became instantly smitten with Kate after he met her while she was hosting her own show at WSRN 91.5 FM, Swarthmore’s student-operated radio station. Kate tried ringing the station to see if they were open so we could snap a few photos there for nostalgia’s sake, but no one answered (sad face).

We crossed our fingers and made the short trek to the station, to see if someone might be around to allow us inside. As fate would have it, the station was open and several students were broadcasting their show live on air. They were kind enough to allow us to recreate the moment when Erik first laid eyes on Kate (who couldn’t be cuter, by the way), which was a ton of fun.

We flipped through the albums and stumbled upon one of their favorites, Skinny Puppy, a band that Erik introduced Kate to when they started dating.

It was absolutely adorable to watch the two browse records while rehashing memories from their college years. We covered everything from music to horror movies during our time together and they couldn’t have been easier to talk to.

I’m a newbie when it comes to Swarthmore traditions, but apparently a visit to the college must include a trip to the oversized Adirondack Chair, one of the many works of public art on campus. I am really happy we were able to fit it in during our session, since it led to me being photo bombed for the first time ever during an engagement shoot!

I couldn’t stop cracking up at the kids who started hanging upside down from the chair while I was snapping photos. I had an absolute blast with Kate and Erik, so I can’t wait for their wedding at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens next summer.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Weekend Happenings!

Sorry in advance for my posts this week, I can tell already it will be a miss-mosh of randomness since I have a gazillion deadlines to tackle and don’t have much time to dedicate to my own blog.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of second shooting for the lovely Maria Mack, who I joined at Citizens Bank Park to photograph a stunning, ballpark wedding. Thank goodness the weather behaved itself and we had nothing but sunny skies. I thought it was cute how the guests were able to sit in the stands while the ceremony was held on the field. The reception took place at the Diamond Club and the Phillie Phanatic even came to bust out some fabulous dance moves. I think my favorite shot from the night was when the Phanatic got together with three pregnant women and posed while sticking his pregnant-esque belly out. I also toured around the players’ locker room with the groom, which was an absolute blast. I may or may not have flailed like an idiot when I saw Cliff Lee’s locker. We were able to sneak a peek at all of their grooming essentials, which was highly entertaining. I may or may not have found out from a little bird that the boys have their fair share of brightly-colored loofahs in the showers.

In other news, a large portion of my week is going to be dedicated to tackling this life-sized painting of a German couple and a drunk pig sporting Lederhosen. Pete’s brother is co-hosting an Oktoberfest bash this weekend, so once the painting is complete, he’s going to cut out face holes for a fun photo-op. I’m hoping to finish this up mid-day on Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to post another shot once it’s finished! It looks a bit wacky now, but I like showing progress shots of big projects, which you may or may not have figured out by now.

What were you up to this weekend?

A Glimpse Inside my Fromage Photography Packaging

One of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is being able to send off the high-res DVD to the newlyweds. I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peek into what a standard photography package looks like from yours truly at Fromage Photography. After growing tired of plain DVD cases, I decided to make the splurge a while back and purchase customized cases. Loktah specializes in high-end packaging made from natural resources and green materials, which is why I was smitten at first sight.

The salmon DVD media case has a large flat bead which winds around the front to close the case. I especially like the little pocket to insert the DVD, along with the business card insert.

I always send the happy couple a handwritten thank you card from Paper Source, my absolute go-to spot for all things paper related. My logo and business cards were designed by my friend Kelly at Blush!nk, who highlighted my unmistakable love for cheese by making a swiss cheese-inspired heart as the logo.

That just about sums it up! Our neighbor recently had a baby, so I offered to swing by her house tomorrow to take some newborn shots. I’ve never photographed a newborn baby before, so I’m looking forward to the challenge and will be sure to post some teasers tomorrow, assuming all goes well!

Weekend Recap: Wedding & Wallpaper Exhaustion

This past weekend, Pete and I joined forces and shot a wedding together for the first time ever. I’m trying to persuade him to join me in photographing more weddings since we make a darn good team. He did a great job and I’d be excited to see where he goes with it if he were to shoot more in the future (hint hint, Pete). And no, my bottom teeth aren’t green, that is gum in my Jerry Lewis-sized mouth.

{Photo credit: Light and Matter}

For the ceremony, I rented a 70-200 2.8 IS II zoom lens from New York Camera Company since Catholic ceremonies tend to be fairly low-lit and none of my other lenses would’ve worked well without using constant flash. I was so happy with the results and will definitely be renting it for all of my weddings with ceremonies indoors. The lens is over three pounds, so it will definitely make you work up a sweat while hauling it around, ninja-style up and down the aisles of a church, but I still think it’s worth it. Now I just have to save $2,500 so I can buy my own one day!

Thanks to Lindsay for capturing this uber nerdy moment between me and my new pal for life. And apart from funerals, weddings are the only times you’ll see me wearing all black since I am partial to obnoxious neon dresses. Unfortunately bright ass dresses from the Anthropologie sales racks don’t really camouflage me very well in people’s wedding photos.

You’ll have to wait until I post the photos on Fromage Photography, but for now here is a teaser by Pete:

Thanks again to the ginger for joining me as second shooter. You are are total trooper for shooting with me all day on Saturday and removing wallpaper with me all day long on Sunday.

Lucky in Love

This weekend began at the local grange fair, where Pete and I roamed around the tents with barnyard critters (the rabbit tent was of course my favorite) and I bought overpriced nachos with “cheese.” We tried to wait it out for the hot dog pig races, but spending another hour at the fair with not much to do apart from people watching and petting goats resulted in us getting antsy and heading home. The next day I woke up bright and early and hopped in my car to head to a 12 hour wedding shoot in the city. I turned the keys and heard my car grumble and give up. My landlord offered to jump my car’s battery, which resulted in more huffs and puffs. Luckily, Pete was home and offered to drive me into Philly (an hour drive) since I had to make a ton of calls (a work emergency came up this week) and didn’t want to be driving while frazzled on the phone.

After a long and fun day shooting my pal Veronika’s gorgeous wedding, Pete picked me up and greeted me with my favorite ice cream, Oreos, Wawa hoagie and cold bottle of water. This boy knows me too well. I am usually starving after shoots (this time I was stuffed since the couple spoiled me with good eats!), so I was incredibly thankful to have him be so thoughtful when he was already doing me a huge favor by picking me up. He is always thinking of me, whether it’s random flower arrangements (that he arranges himself) or a midnight picnic in the car, I can’t say it enough how much I love him.

Here’s the happy couple. Feel free to visit my Flickr page to see the rest of their photos!