Thanks to for nominating my blog!

Thanks so much to those who nominated me as a blogger for the “Happening List” on I feel all sorts of special. If only you guys realized I’m not so happening at all (unless watching Big Bang Theory marathons with my fiance and eating way too many Winter Oreos is “happening”).

I am completely flattered and would love for my readers (ahem, my mom and Pete’s mom) to vote for me here if you want to spread the love. The top 5 winners of each category (in my case, “people”) will be announced here on Monday, March 12th. The winners will remain listed on the site for a year and given the opportunity to add info about their business. Plus, the winners will also receive an official 2012 Happening List award from Bucks Happening, which sounds mysterious enough to make me want to pimp myself shamelessly.

So, without further ado…

Thanks again to Angela and Tina at Bucks Happening for the love…you guys are fantabulous (and I’m not just saying that to get your votes!).