30 Day Photography Challenge: Days 25 to 30

Here are my final photos for the 30 Day Photography Challenge: Days 25 through 30.

Something pink (Day 25): As fellow East Coasters are probably aware, we got quite a bit of snow this past Saturday. I figured I’d capture a photo of Betty White in her winter attire, since she is a shivering mess when she doesn’t have her pink coat on.

Close-up (Day 26): I decided to go for a bit of a photo walk around the block, where I usually walk Charsi during the afternoon. For “close-up,” I focused on holly leaves, which always reminds me of the winter season.

From a distance (Day 27): For “from a distance,” I made the trees in the background in focus since they are a brilliant shade of red right now.

Flowers (Day 28): I always see these flowers while walking the pooch and they stand out to me as being the most interesting on the block. I have no idea what kind of flowers they are, but I’d love to find out so we can plant our own in the future.

Black & white (Day 29): Not to get all nature photographer on you guys, but I liked the contrast of the organic shadows with the rough grain of the wood.

Self-portrait (Day 30): This is me being a noodle with my puffy South Park-esque hat on because it was COLD outside this weekend. I don’t care if I look ridiculous, I was cozy and warm and that’s all that counts.

Long exposure (Day 16): Here’s an oldie from when Pete and I started dating and we were playing around with long exposure photos. Hoping to recreate this in our new home once I gather the motivation to set up my tripod (these cold months make me lazy). He spelled out our initials in a heart while we kissed. I like my weird grimace face transitioning to us getting our smooch on…I’m sure I was asking him why he was spelling our initials backwards (I was a dumbfounded long exposure newbie). And yes, that is Betty White curled up to the right of my head on the couch arm.

I had a lot of fun doing this photo challenge, but I’m looking forward to creating new challenges for myself this November (perhaps removing all of the wallpaper upstairs?). Check out days 1-5 and 6-10, 11-15 and 17-24 if you haven’t already.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Betty White (sad panda) and I (Slytherin student) are psyched to hand out giant-sized candy to trick or treaters!


30 Day Photography Challenge: Days 6 to 10

Here are my latest photos from the 30 Day Photography Challenge!

From a low angle (Day 6): Charsi and Betty kicking back. Betty White knows she really shouldn’t be on the couch, but she milks it when I’m distracted.

Fruit (Day 7): I took advantage of our overripe bananas by making chocolate chip banana bread for us.

A bad habit (Day 8): I am unable to contain my excitement for Halloween Oreos. For some silly reason, the Halloween and Holiday Oreos just taste better to me. No matter how much I try to hold back, there is always a sleeve of cookies missing less than 24 hours after an Oreos purchase. Poor Pete gets to eat maybe one cookie per sleeve if he’s lucky. Worst. seasonal. habit. ever.

Someone you love (Day 9): This one was a no-brainer because this boy makes me laugh every day. He watches Parenthood with me. He squeezes toothpaste out on my toothbrush. He cleans up bunny poop with me. He hugs me when he gets home from work and it makes everything a-ok after a bad day. He quotes Dumb and Dumber and Adam Sandler movies like it’s his job. He Tweets to me when I’m less than a foot away. He keeps me warm when I insist on having the ceiling fan on in the winter. He holds my hand when the blow-up gargoyles at Giant scare the crap out of me when we’re shopping for groceries. He tolerates my awful driving and inability to parallel park, even if I’m the only car on the block. He totally supports me and makes me feel like I can do anything. Yep, I love him. He’s the prettiest little sunflower on the planet.

Childhood memory (Day 10): Hootbot! Ok, so I stole this little robot owl from my brother growing up, but he was the best to watch walk across the kitchen floor while flapping his wings (he makes cute whistling noises too). I remember us playing with him and my hamster toy that would roll around in a plastic ball. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of putting the hamster in my hair while its battery-operated wheels were still turning…I’m not the brightest child out of the two of us, that’s for sure.

Is everyone still enjoying the photography challenge? I’m looking forward to forcing myself to take photos every day this month, I think it’s a really fun idea and definitely recommend it to other bloggers.

Fall Festivities:Smashing Pumpkins

These decoupaged pumpkins from the folks over at Country Living Magazine are seriously refreshing and cute. I especially love the one painted with chalkboard paint, which we have lots of, so I’m definitely going to give that a try. I’m craving pumpkin picking and hayrides with hot chocolate at Linvilla Orchards in a big way, even though last time we went I managed to get lyme disease briefly.

{Photos courtesy of Poppytalk}

What are some of your favorite festive crafty ideas for Halloween?