Newyorkland by Temporary Distortion

My brother is about to go on tour with Temporary Distortion‘s latest show, Newyorkland. Their first stop is Calgary, followed by Seattle, before the guys head back to New York. I couldn’t be more excited to see the production in mid-January when it hits NYC.

Newyorkland Trailer from Temporary Distortion on Vimeo.

{Photos courtesy of Temporary Distortion}

From the website:

Newyorkland is an intertextual assemblage that combines cop movies, popular TV police procedurals and firsthand accounts of real-life police officers. Director Kenneth Collins’ personal interviews with police officers in his immediate family are mixed with found text and William Cusick’s explorations of cinéma vérité, documentary realism and pure fiction.

Newyorkland follows four police officers struggling with the demands of their chosen profession, the day-to-day realities of life as a cop and the high costs of working within the fraternal and secretive society of the NYPD. Merging film, performance and visual art, the production is staged in one of Temporary Distortion’s signature boxlike installations.