Say Hello to my new Farmyard Friends

Much was accomplished this weekend in terms of my Cafe Estelle show! Hoping to knock a few more pieces out this week, so be sure to comment with critter requests if you have them! I hope you like the new pieces:

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

Colored pencils and marker on wood
D-d-d-danger, watch behind you—there’s a McDuck out to find you.

The Dead Milkmen

Colored pencils and marker on wood
That’ll teach them to go cow tipping.

To do:

  • Make cow illustration
  • Make chicken illustration
  • Make sheep illustration
  • Make cat illustration
  • Make duck illustration
  • Make owl illustration
  • Make fox illustration
  • Finish ink drawings on children’s school desk
  • Paint children’s school desk
  • Order “say hello to my little friends” custom wall decal
  • Order number pins for labeling work
  • Create and print title/price list
  • Set up printer and scanner at home
  • Scan new pieces and add to website and Etsy
  • Order prints of any pieces that are not in stock
  • Order more chipboard backing and plastic sleeves for prints
  • Print labels for buttons and pocket mirrors
  • Package buttons and pocket mirrors
  • Design and print postcards to promote the show
  • Redesign business cards and order them, pronto!
  • Pick up food and beer for the opening on Friday, December 3rd