Decking the Halls: Holiday Decor

Dressing up our house for the holidays was loads of fun—from hanging ornaments on the tree to decorating the outside with giant colorful bulbs. Betty White especially likes her santa mouse friend, which my grandparents always had around during the holidays, so everyone in my family has one to remember them by.

My brother got this Budapest ornament for me when he was on tour for one of his recent productions. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

These old ornaments passed down from my grandparents are pretty hilarious—my grandfather crafted this ninja-looking snowman.

I snagged this Michael Bolton ornament a few years ago from Five Below and was pretty proud of my find…then I felt bad and bought a Miles David ornament too so our tree wouldn’t totally lack music cred.

After my grandfather passed away, I remember going through a box of ornaments and stumbling upon this gem…I guess my grandpa decided to keep the plastic bag over the baby’s head as a joke. I know it’s a little deranged, but it always makes me giggle when December rolls around.

These guys were passed down to me by my parents, who have other mouse/elf duos to keep their tree company. I have always loved their stylish outfits and tend to make them talk in goofy voices whenever I put them on the tree (they discuss the latest love triangles on Gossip Girl mostly since it’s their favorite show).

This satanic looking elf toting a lamb (?) was also from my grandparents. He is absolutely terrifying to walk past at night, but at least there are some cute critter ornaments on the tree to distract me.

It probably comes as no surprise that our angel with unfortunate yellow hair is also from my grandparents’ decoration box. Luckily Pete is supportive of my desire to showcase all things nostalgic and he puts up with our weird-haired angel and the baby with a bag over its head.

I can’t take any credit for the colorful lights, which Pete put up by crawling, army-style on the roof. I did, however, make the little bushes all festive-like with white lights. We both grew up with multi-color lights outdoors, so we wanted to keep the tradition with the large rainbow bulbs.

I like that you can see our Christmas tree through the bay windows from out front…it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I pull into the driveway.

What are some of your favorite ways to show your spirit during this time of year? Please tell me I’m not the only one with a Michael Bolton ornament…


{Guest Post} Glitter & Ganache

I’m excited to have my guest post featured on Glitter & Ganache today, a blog by my lovely friend Tabitha, who couldn’t be any cuter. She wanted me to spotlight local gifts as part of a fun gift guide running all week long on her blog, so check it out! I posted lots of love for Art Star Philly, which is a great spot for handmade gifts for family and friends. Be sure to read my friend Dana’s guest post too, she even gave my Etsy shop some love in her gift guide!

Brace Yourself. I’m Already Posting About Christmas Cards.

I have never been one to send out holiday cards. The most I’ve ever done was pick up a box of cards at Borders and mail them to my close friends and co-workers. Now that I am getting a wee bit older, my desire to dress up our mini family in Christmas sweaters is pretty tempting. Seriously, imagine a chinchilla wearing a mini sweater with a puffy paint reindeer ringing stitched-on jingle bells. Sounds pretty much like the most awesome thing you’ll ever see. So, that is why I will soon be going on a hunt for ugly holiday sweaters for Pete, Betty White and I (realistically, the idea of forcing three bunnies and a chinchilla into Christmas gear doesn’t sound like a good idea).

I went on a search for cute Christmas cards (sorry, I am politically incorrect and totally biased in my celebration of Christmas) and discovered a ton of fun options at Shutterfly. Here are some of my favorites (I’ll have to run them past the boy):

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

In addition to holiday photo cards, they also sell photo albums and desk calendars, which are always cute stocking stuffer ideas for the fam.

Are any of you sending out holiday cards this year? I get so excited to see a handwritten envelope in my mailbox during the winter months, so it’s about time I return the favor! If you have recommendations on where to find cheap, hideous holiday sweaters, please let me know.