13 Goals for 2013

A preview sketch of comics to come.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. They’re the reason my Body Works Plus Abs class was filled with two dozen more wide-eyed, sports-bra wearing women than usual tonight. Despite having to illegally park in L.A. Fitness’ full lot in order to burn 440 calories, I still couldn’t shake the urge to create a list of to-do’s for the year ahead.

Plus, that darn husband of mine motivated me to share a few goals, so here goes:


•  Launch the redesign and rebranding of my photography business in the next few months (thanks to the hubs’ help).
•  Book more weddings for 2013 and starting filling up the 2014 season.
•  Try to blog weekly here or here.
•  Draw one page of comics every week for the entire year and share them on my new comics Tumblr.
•  Research [self]publishing my comics into a book, with possible funding through a Kickstarter project at the end of the year.
•  Start a graphic novel/underground comic meetup in Philadelphia to swap books and geek the eff out.
•  Expand Generocity.org’s freelance team and daily content, while further developing our content strategy and strengthening relationships in the community.


•  Go to the gym at least two times a week.
•  Finally prime and paint the 2nd floor of our house.
•  Go on a proper American road trip with the hubs.
•  Be a better wife (i.e.: make dinner once in a while, try to not take up the entire bed while sleeping, watch disturbing Cronenberg movies every now and again if it’ll make him happy).
•  Be the best pet mom ever (i.e.: pay attention to the bunnies and chinchilla more, give our dogs the endless attention they seem to require, and try to brush the dogs’ teeth every damn day).
•  Be a better daughter (i.e.: call my parents more so my dad doesn’t have a conniption every time I see him, respond to my mom’s novel-sized emails faster, and document my admiration for their neurotic habits in my comics).
•  Be a better friend. Yeah, I want to do all of this stuff, but it doesn’t mean not meeting up with friends for coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate) to discuss what books we’re reading or to how old we feel when #PrettyLittleLiars is trending on Twitter.

I’m exhausted just writing this list, so I’ll stop there, especially since I’m still six episodes behind this season of Downton Abbey and need to know what the hell happens next. Anyway, thanks for reading this and holding me to it!