Coming Soon: The First Person Arts Festival

TEDxPhilly was today and while I’m too tuckered out to recount the exciting, educational happenings, I wanted to mention another event that will be taking place in Philadelphia from November 10th to 20th. The First Person Arts Festival will be hosting their 10th annual celebration of memoir and documentary art. I really enjoyed the storytelling by R. Eric Thomas today and I’m hoping to check out his First Person Arts Festival performance, “Will You Accept This Friend Request?” which is happening at the Khyber Upstairs on November 14th and 15th at 7pm. I’ve been to the First Person Arts Festival before and it’s always a treat, especially if you enjoy provocative storytelling, documentary films and author readings inspired by real-life experience. Another one of my favorite performing acts from TEDxPhilly will also be participating, so be sure to check out the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement show if you want to hear brutally honest and beautiful lyricism from some of the brightest young poets around.

If you want to save on tickets, consider becoming a First Person Arts member and supporting one of the most spirited, creative non-profits in the city of Philadelphia.

Have any of you attended a local TEDx event in your area? If you were at today’s show in Philadelphia, who were some of your favorite speakers? Shout out to the lovely Marisa of Food in Jars for killing it and making me want to start canning for holiday gifts!