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I’m flattered to be guest blogging at What the Frock? today! Head on over to read my post, which highlights how to give your kitchen a fabulous makeover for under $100. My friend Dana’s blog is an amazing source of budget-friendly fashion tips, which makes this thrifty gal smile on a daily basis.

In other exciting news, there are only 3 more days to vote for me as “Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger” at CBS Philly, so be sure to head on over there and show your support!

If I win, I promise to compile a celebratory post with a ton of cute critter photos, like the one below of our chinchilla Maude fighting off an angry t-rex.

I realize nothing says desperate like bribing your readers with photos of bunnies and the like, but I am competitive, gosh darn it!


Unveiled: Alexandra Grecco

When I look back at my college days, I think of frat guys screaming “woohooo” drunkenly in the streets (or street, if you went to school in Kutztown like I did), girls who wore velour jumpsuits to any and every class and overpriced cafeteria food that tasted like wet paper (this excludes the ice cream bar, of course). During my college orientation, when I was supposed to be building relationships and making connections with my fellow freshman, I was just trying to find one person who looked even remotely relatable. I’ll spare you the blackmail-worthy photos, but I was often found sporting a near-mullet, orange corduroys and David Bowie shirt in 90 degree weather.

{Photo of Alexandra courtesy Alexandra Grecco}

Luckily for me, I met a gal named Alex, who made those first few days of college orientation tolerable by hanging out with my spastic self. Needless to say, lately I have been seeing her name pop up in stores like Bloomingdale’s and on some of my favorite blogs. Her fashion designs are always on my Tumblr dashboard, which makes me do a happy giddy dance for her because she absolutely deserves it. As a frequent follower of her blog, I can say with certainty that she is just as lovely now as she was back when I became friends with her during freshman year. Alexandra often collaborates with the always-breathtaking and hilarious Hannah Metz, who I became friendly with back in my LiveJournal days during college, so to see them working together made me realize that this is indeed a small world. Alexandra even did an interview recently with one of friends, Kelly at Blush!nk, which was also exciting to see.

{Shimmer Slip Dress and The Cinema Gown}

{Embellished Birdcage Veil Belt}

{Spring 2011 Collection: Photo by Landon Metz}

{Spring 2010 Collection: Photo by Lucia Holm With Model Hannah Metz}

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fashion spotlight on Alexandra Grecco. It’s always inspiring to see a fellow classmate moving up in the world, I can’t wait to see future collections from her. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop, where you can buy my personal favorite, the “If I Only Had a Heart” dress.

{If I Only Had A Heart Dress}