Remember That Time Easter Happened?

I know Easter was forever ago, but I wanted to share some photos, just in case you didn’t get your fill of pastels and candy.

One of my favorite holiday memories is drawing white crayon designs on eggs and dyeing them as obnoxiously bright as possible. Pete and I still keep the tradition alive, taking turns using the bendy wire egg holder to decorate a half dozen each.

This Easter was a special one for me, since my parents and Grandma (and their dog Whiskey) decided to visit us from Delaware. My family is big on surprises, so when my parents asked if they thought my brother (Ken) and his wife (Stacey) could also visit from NYC, I said they were busy that weekend (lies!). Ken and I knew we wanted to surprise them with their visit, so we planned a big scheme upon our parents’ arrival.

We hid 50 plastic eggs all around the house in preparation of their visit. The plan was for us to welcome my parents and Grandma inside, while Ken and Stacey hid upstairs. Pete and I planned to distract my parents with an outdoor Easter egg hunt, while Ken and Stacey would sneak back downstairs to hide in the sunroom. This plan also involved them wrapping pink lights around each other, to make it extra festive. Because Ken just happens to own pink Easter lights.

There were a few kinks in our plan, one of them being my family arriving with a car sick dog that needed a bath immediately. We also didn’t fully consider the fact that Ken and Stacey would have to haul ass past a very startled Grandma, who was watching our parents search for eggs outside through the kitchen window. Needless to say, she didn’t have a heart attack, but she was very, very surprised/terrified to see Ken and Stacey stampeding through the kitchen to head for the front sunroom.

Little did Ken realize that they didn’t have to rush, since Pete and I led my parents on a search for plastic eggs outside for a good 10 minutes. When my parents finally opened the front door to search for more eggs inside, they were completely shocked and turned into blubbery messes. It was awesome.

Of course it wouldn’t be Easter without my dad insting on having an Easter egg hunt of his own, so he had all of us kids search for metallic, money-filled eggs in the backyard. Stacey was a total champ and knew all of the typical hiding spots, like under the grill cover.

Ken decided to take it upon himself to climb the tree and do his best impression of a demented Easter bunny. Yet another shining example of how I just might be the normal one in my family.

Lets pretend like this family photo isn’t totally awful (it was taken under our green patio umbrella, so everyone looks slightly seasick, and by everyone I mean me).

There were an abundance of unfortunate bunny face photos taken that day, all of which will hopefully be framed at my parents’ house in the near future.

In non-bunny news, our foster dog Donald Sutherland has been happy in his new home for a couple of weeks now. I’ll admit, I miss the little wart-butt a ton. He’s been visiting fellow seniors like himself during the day since his new mom is an activities director in a nursing home.

I’m going to attempt to be a bit more timely about my upcoming posts, since this one was uber belated. I’ve just been swamped between work, weekend shoots, wedding planning, yard work and nursing a very sick bunny. What’s new with you guys?

Happy Bunny Celebration Day!

As I was explaining yesterday, last weekend’s visit to see my family will definitely give me nightmares for years to come. Luckily, we also got to see my parent’s dog Whiskey and my grandma, who has moved up from Florida and will be living with my parents permanently (Grandma, you are a braver woman than I).

I’m still not really sure why my dad thought it would be appropriate to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead by wearing a menacing clown mask, but more power to him. My favorite part was when my dad was fully costumed while prancing around the neighborhood and waving to his neighbors, who were staring in awe through their front windows. Hopefully the apple falls far from the tree in my case. Very, very far.

Poor Pete tolerates my family like a champ. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, ginger. He totally dominated us later that night in a game of Rummy, and I’m pretty sure my grandma is ready for a rematch with “her little Ranger.” Backstory: my grandma thinks Pete looks just like Walker Texas Ranger aka Chuck Norris aka my grandma is my new favorite person for life.

Luckily the next day was a bit more relaxing, with no startling appearances of killer bunny clowns on the beach.

There were, however, startling fashion choices made by my dad, once again. I bet if my dad let Pete wear his hat, he’d look even more like Walker Texas. Just saying.

The Rehoboth beach boardwalk is filled with four-legged gems like this one above, and I want to cuddle them all.

Anyway, that gives you a brief glimpse of how I spent (an early) Easter with my family. As crazy as they are, I love them for still managing to leave me flabbergasted after all these years. And to my father who asked, “You’re not going to post these photos on the Internet now, are you?” Come on dad, you should really know me better by now.

Killer Bunnies From Outer Space

Unfortunately, this is a common facial expression for me when I'm visiting my parents.

Sorry for the silence lately! I promise I haven’t died, but I can’t say it wasn’t a close call when I saw my dad dressed as a terrifying clown-bunny this past weekend. He knows I hate clowns, so he decided to combine my favorite and least favorite things to wish me a Happy Easter. Pray for me that this won’t be one of his many twisted Collins family traditions. This is just a brief, disturbing sneak peek into my upcoming Easter post, so brace yourself until Sunday. As of late, I’ve been spending my free time doing freelance blogging (ghostwriting, so it’s top secret) and preparing for Crafty Balboa next weekend. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, be sure to join us so you can stock up on super cute affordable artwork! How is your family celebrating Easter? Something tells me it won’t involve a horrific clown outfit…