Dexter: Our First Foster Fail

I can’t help it. I’ve become the person whose Instagram gallery is filled to the brim with puppy photos. We have fostered two dogs since we came back from our honeymoon. The first was a 10-week-old shepherd mix named Gina who found a home within 24 hours.

We haven’t been thrilled with our experiences fostering at several local shelters, so we decided to go breed specific and apply to the Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County. We are really happy with their organization and how much they value their fosters. We went through foster training, and a week later, we were introduced to our first foster.

Meet the newest addition to the family.


That’s right, we’re totally keeping him. My blog header is in need of a redesign since we’ve gained a dog and lost a rabbit since it was created.

And now for the little guy’s back story. He was rescued from a kill-shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, where a kind man picked him up and hauled him a few hours to the Dachshund Rescue in Pennsylvania. The guy who saved him named him Dexter, so we’re probably going to keep the name out of respect for his awesomeness (plus I love me some Dexter Morgan). When the man asked the shelter what was going to happen to Dexter, the shelter informed him that the 10-month-old dachshund would have to be euthanized because there simply wasn’t enough room. This is all too common.

We couldn’t be happier to make room in our home for him — he’s still a bit malnourished, but we’ve switched him to a healthy diet and consistent schedule. He curls up under the covers in bed with us every night and seems to have hit it off with Betty White (although she’s not one for cuddling).

We’ll continue to foster dachshunds through the rescue, but our permanent zoo is at maximum capacity. I look forward to finding more of these snugglers happy homes and I’ll be sure to update my blog along the way.

Introducing Our New Foster Dog: Donald Sutherland

Meet Donald Sutherland the dog. Last night we decided to give fostering another go (our second time ever), so we went to the PSPCA in search of “Buster,” who we saw listed on their website as being shy, old and blind. After waiting two long hours, we finally met this little wiry haired guy, who has the body of a Dachshund and the combover-esque hair of a terrier.

We fell in love and scooped him up and now he and Betty White are in cahoots (and by “cahoots” I mean he sniffs her and she  runs away and escapes to higher ground). We’ll see how well he and Betty end up getting along before I consider hiding him in my pocket and keeping him for good.

We’ve renamed him Donald Sutherland because we think the resemblance is pretty uncanny, but maybe you have to meet him to see it.

Likes: Rubbing his face on our shaggy rug. Romping around in the backyard. Artfully peeing without lifting his leg. Being mistaken for a member of the Sutherland family. Devouring Beggin’ Littles. Trying to get Betty White’s attention by playfully barking at her in a guttural tone.

Dislikes: Being returned to the shelter for “not being very playful” after just one day of readjusting to a new home. Not being tall and limber enough to jump on the couch. Being mislabeled as “blind” when he really has nuclear sclerosis (which in his case, doesn’t affect vision).

He isn’t doing a ton of smiling in these photos, but I’m sure that will change once he’s grown more comfortable here. We get attacked with tail wags and kisses whenever he’s not sleeping, so we think he’s pretty happy (even though we I dress him in a sweater sometimes).

I’m looking forward to sharing more about Donald Sutherland as we get to know him better. Do you think we picked an appropriate celebrity to name him after or would you have gone with a different long-haired gent?