{A Day of Crafting} Our Festive Wreath Roundup

This weekend, Pete and I went to the Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar with our friends Valerie and Daryl. Although we showed great restraint in not buying anything, we gained lots of inspiration and motivation for wreath-making. You might recall my wreath ramblings from a while back, so I was excited to officially make my first ever wreath.

Us girls got to crafting and enjoying a 30 Rock marathon while the boys went on a man-date which consisted of record shopping. Pete came back with A Chipmunk Christmas, so I have that to look forward to.

While I had only finished a few inches of my wreath, Valerie had already made two gorgeous, festive wreaths that look particularly moody in this lighting. Her looks were inspired by this crow wreath (how cute are those burlap flowers?!) and this black and white striped wreath, while mine was inspired by this yarn wreath. Valerie made her wreaths from fabric she already owned and some materials from the dollar store…yay to us being thrifty! Oh, and thank goodness for Pinterest. I love me some holiday inspiration.

My wreath materials consisted of some sparkly ribbon, yarn, felt balls and hand-sewn, felt birds I purchased a few years back from the lovely and talented Alexandra Hunt (aka Mrs. Shortcake from Weddingbee). And most importantly, a whole mess of hot glue gun sticks.

Although I ended up covered in glitter and ripping off my freshly painted nail polish with hot glue, I felt a sense of mini Martha Stewart-esque accomplishment that I can only hope will repeat during the week ahead.

Pete always peeks at me through our front door, thus the face and finger prints that are in desperate need of some Windex attention.

Has anyone else crafted their own wreath or holiday decor this year? I would love to see your latest creations if you want to comment with links below!

Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar

{Photo credit}

This weekend marks the Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar, with festivities beginning this Friday night, November 18th with a VIP preview party from 6pm to 9pm for $25. My friends at Love Me Do Photography will be providing photobooth fun, so be sure to check it out! The craft show will be free and open to the public on Saturday, November 19th and Sunday the 20th from 11am  to 6pm at the 23rd Street Armory in Philadelphia. I am looking forward to attending with friends and afterwards, we plan to make our own holiday wreaths inspired by the talented Philadelphia area craftsters. I’m all stocked up on yarn and can’t wait to get started and share what we’ve made with you guys. I am hoping mine vaguely resembles a wreath by the time I’m finished, but if it ends up being a bundled mess of hot glue and yarn, I can always give it to my parents to hang on the fridge (only half serious, mom). Hopefully this will inspire me to give our front door a fresh coat of white paint since it is looking sad and yellowed.

{Photo credit}

Anyway, if you are in the area, be there or be square! I haven’t attended the holiday bazaar before, but I’ve been to all of their summertime craft shows in the past and they’re always a hit—especially when it comes to scoring original items for your friends and family.

Crafty Balboa April Showers Recap!

Well, we survived our first craft fair this weekend at Crafty Balboa! Thanks to everyone who visited and stopped by our table, it was a fun time and we’d love to do it again next year. Betty White helped us get some visitors by making her sad Eeyore eyes at strangers, so I credit her with any sales I may have gotten. She even made friends with the oh-so-talented Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame, whose designer shirt she has been sporting ever since (photos to come, she is shy right now).

Here’s a photo of the table setup, which included more duct tape than I had originally anticipated since the wind was a bit feisty that day. Thank goodness for ginger boyfriends who remember essentials like duct tape and paper towels. I owe him my first born. Or a smooch. Either one will do, preferably the latter though.

“Make an ugly face at the camera! That’s your ugly face? Are you serious?” -Me to a squinty-eyed boyfriend.

Here’s the owl nesting doll I made for the show, but didn’t manage to sell (le sigh). Although they were quite popular with the little ones, anyone under the age of 8 seemed fascinated by them, so at least I know what audience I should be shooting for! I plan to make more detailed nesting dolls in the future, so look for more of those soon! I’d like to start painting more children’s furniture as well, so look for more of that in the next few months as well.

I’m kind of pleased that my narwhal + jellyfish jewelry box didn’t sell at the show, because now I have a home for my jewelry that I was previously storing in a Ziploc bag in my dresser. I’ll probably list the nesting dolls and jewelry box in my Etsy shop within the week though, so if you know of anyone who has an owl/narwhal/jellyfish weakness, you know where to send them!

Crafty Balboa April Showers

On Saturday, April 30th from 12 to 5pm, Crafty Balboa will return to the Passyunk Fountain in Philadelphia, where curated artists and crafters will be selling their handmade goods. I am excited to announce that I’ve been selected as one of the vendors—this will be my first time participating at a craft table (ever!), so I’m pumped! The event is held in conjunction with Flavors of the Avenue, which offers delicious fare and drinks from some of Philadelphia’s award-winning restaurants. General admission for Flavors of the Avenue is $30 and includes wine and beer. Pete and Betty White have been kind enough to offer to accompany me, so we’ll have to take wee breaks to go stuff our faces since it sounds pretty darn delicious.

Photo Courtesy Crafty Balboa

If you’re local, be sure to stop by to visit us and take advantage of the nearby crafters, live music, food & drink! I suppose I’ll be spending my free time making new original pieces in addition to offering original artwork, prints, pocket mirrors and button packs. If you have any requests or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment!