Nominated: Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger!

I’m pretty darn flattered to announce that youwannatalkjive has been nominated for Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger by CBS Philly in the “Everything Else” category. According to them, I am “smart, funny and insightful” (if only they knew…), which made me blush big time. If you are a fan of my jive talk or if you like fluffy bunny rabbits, head on over to their website to vote for me! Voting for finalists is open daily now through Friday, September 9th, so be sure to get your vote on! Thanks to Pete for adding the fancy schmancy badge on the side of my website so people (ahem, mom) can vote easily!

Also, thanks to the mystery person(s) who nominated me! If Betty White or our other critters could type, I would assume it was them, but alas…