The Neurotic Adventures of Betty White {the dog}

Since our move to Bucks County, Pete and I have been trying to make a habit of visiting Tyler State Park every weekend with Betty White. She is absolutely terrified of everyone and everything (except us), so she could use a little doggy socializing time. Since she was previously abused (she was adopted from the SPCA four years ago), she has a lot of trust and separation anxiety issues. She’s even prescribed for doggy Prozac to help with her constant anxiety. A day in the life of Betty White consists of nervous foot licking, hovering underneath our feet, hiding from dog toys and shaking uncontrollably at foreign noises. Needless, to say, we’ve been taking baby steps to try to help her make friends and loosen up a bit. I’ll be sure to post updates on her progress for those of you who are curious about the neurotic adventures of Betty White.