{DIY} Homebrew Attempt #3

wedding wheat

Our third homebrew (thus the “003”), a Kobayashi Wheat with Sorachi Ace, has been labeled and sealed as one of our wedding favors.

wedding wheat

Pete designed the labels, which we printed on Kraft sheets from Paper Source (cue angels singing — that place is amazing).

wedding wheat

We decided to incorporate one of our wedding colors by dripping yellow wax down the bottles, Maker’s Mark-style.

wedding wheat

With a makeshift double-boiler (an aluminum can inside of a pot), we melted batches of wax beads.

wedding wheat

Emma Stone stared at us from the newspaper as we took turns dipping the bottles in the wax (c’mon girl, no one believes you wear Colorburst).

wedding wheat

We cracked open our first one last night and it tasted like beer to me (in that I didn’t like it), so I deem it a success. We’ll probably keep a few extras for upcoming anniversaries…hopefully by then we’ll have a few more homebrews under our belts.


Day 2: Philly Beer Scene Tours Colorado Breweries

After our first day in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, the Philly Beer Scene posse ate an artery-clogging breakfast and set off to embark on a tour of some of the top local breweries in Colorado.

First up was Odell Brewing, where we took a tour and learned all about the Fort Collins-based brew house. The tour guide gave us an up close and personal view into their craft brew culture and brewing methods.

Our group grabbed a few flights of beer and went on our way to the next stop, New Belgium Brewing, which was by far my favorite. I was not only incredibly impressed by the decor of the brewery, but also by the fact that New Belgium honors nature at every turn of their business by being alternatively empowered and sustainable. Although we weren’t able to reserve a tour, I still really enjoyed roaming around while my friends took advantage of the free drink tokens.

Next up was lunch at Oskar Blues, where the service was awful, but the gorgeous Colorado backdrop around us made up for our absentminded waitress. She did, however, give us free stickers and pint glasses, so she wasn’t all that bad I suppose.

Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing Company was next on our list, where we schmoozed with the locals, raised a few pints and went on our way.

The drive to the next stop was a beautiful one, as the sun was setting dramatically over the mountains. Our crew was traveling in two vans, so our geeky group pulled over to snap a few photos before we went on our way to Boulder Beer. Sleepiness began to set in, so we were soon off to Avery, the last stop of our brewery tour and one of my favorites.

All in all, it was a fun journey and a great way to learn more about beer—which (let’s be honest)—is not something I know all that much about considering I’m a total waterholic.