Artist of the Week: Gemma Correll

Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, I head to Gemma Correll‘s website for an instant smile. She’s a super cute illustrator and comic-maker from the UK who has a trusty sidekick named Mr. Norman Pickles the Pug. Sometimes I feel like she resides in my brain because she comes up with drawings that I relate to way too easily (like referencing “smizing” for you rare Top Model readers). If she makes you giggle too, head on over to her blog and Tumblr to stay up to date on all things Gemma.

Have any of you seen Gemma’s work before? I have a major illustrator crush on her. Anyway, enjoy your weekend everyone!

New Series: Artist of the Week

Back when I had a LiveJournal (forgive me), I used to post an “Artist of the Day,” where I would highlight an artist—old or new, famous or unknown, living or dead—every day. I really miss spotlighting artists and staying more up-to-date with contemporary art, so I have decided to start an “Artist of the Week” series for my Friday posts. Once the end of the week approaches, I have a tendency to just want to post image-heavy content without a lot of rambling, so for the most part, I will let the artwork speak for itself.

This time, however, I’m going to let the artist speak for himself.

In the above TED Talk, Shea Hembrey discusses the international art show he staged, featuring work by 100 different artists–each of whom he invented, creating the artwork himself. Somewhere between parody and homage, this storyteller easily made this one of the best TED Talks I’ve watched to date.

Hembrey was born in 1974. He grew up on a dirt road in rural Hickory Grove, Arkansas in a family of farmers, factory workers, hunters, trappers, musicians and cockfighters. His studio is currently based in a sleepy town on the Delaware River in New Jersey.

Say Hello to my new Farmyard Friends

Much was accomplished this weekend in terms of my Cafe Estelle show! Hoping to knock a few more pieces out this week, so be sure to comment with critter requests if you have them! I hope you like the new pieces:

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

Colored pencils and marker on wood
D-d-d-danger, watch behind you—there’s a McDuck out to find you.

The Dead Milkmen

Colored pencils and marker on wood
That’ll teach them to go cow tipping.

To do:

  • Make cow illustration
  • Make chicken illustration
  • Make sheep illustration
  • Make cat illustration
  • Make duck illustration
  • Make owl illustration
  • Make fox illustration
  • Finish ink drawings on children’s school desk
  • Paint children’s school desk
  • Order “say hello to my little friends” custom wall decal
  • Order number pins for labeling work
  • Create and print title/price list
  • Set up printer and scanner at home
  • Scan new pieces and add to website and Etsy
  • Order prints of any pieces that are not in stock
  • Order more chipboard backing and plastic sleeves for prints
  • Print labels for buttons and pocket mirrors
  • Package buttons and pocket mirrors
  • Design and print postcards to promote the show
  • Redesign business cards and order them, pronto!
  • Pick up food and beer for the opening on Friday, December 3rd

say hello to my little friends (one last time)

My goat illustration (bottom right) recently got some Etsy front page love, which always makes me flail with delight! I am looking forward to creating some new pieces to expand the “say hello to my little friends” series even further. The exhibition is currently on display at the Philadelphia International Airport in Terminal B. If all goes according to plan the show will be making a reappearance at Cafe Estelle, my favorite brunch spot in Philadelphia, from December through January.

I will be adding a few farmyard friends to the mix—a cow, duck, and chicken…basically the animals that are on the menu at the cafe (don’t judge me, I realize it’s fairly morbid!). I’ve been working on painting and decorating a children’s school desk that will hold my prints and other items for sale at the show, which has been a lot of fun but very time consuming. I’ll be sure to post a few photos soon to show you a bit of the process, but to give you a visual, it involves me watching Hoarders marathons and my arse going numb from drawing at a desk that is meant for 6-year-olds. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, but for now please mark Friday, December 3rd on your calendar if you’d like to check out my critters for their final show since I will be starting my new dream series come the new year.

Any last-minute critters you’d like to request be a part of the “say hello to my little friends” series of exotic pet drawings?