Happy anniversary, love!

Dearest ginger,

Happy anniversary. I am pretty darn excited to be getting married in a little over 8 months so we’ll have a new anniversary to celebrate. Until then, I look forward to spending our time together making each other laugh at stupid things and dressing Betty White up in ugly outfits. No one gets my funny voices and weird jokes (if you can even call them that) quite like you. Looking forward to many more years of ginger-haired goodness (until you go grey, but I’m looking forward to that too so you’ll stop making fun of my gray hair so much).

Thanks for always giving me somethingone to look forward to.




happy anniversary!

happy anniversary to my best friend and love of my life. you make me smile more than cute overload, which is pretty hard to top since there is an abundance of baby pandas on that website. thanks for being the best boyfriend in the universe and dad to our five crazy pets. i can’t wait for many more years to come ❤