{A Day of Crafting} Our Festive Wreath Roundup

This weekend, Pete and I went to the Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar with our friends Valerie and Daryl. Although we showed great restraint in not buying anything, we gained lots of inspiration and motivation for wreath-making. You might recall my wreath ramblings from a while back, so I was excited to officially make my first ever wreath.

Us girls got to crafting and enjoying a 30 Rock marathon while the boys went on a man-date which consisted of record shopping. Pete came back with A Chipmunk Christmas, so I have that to look forward to.

While I had only finished a few inches of my wreath, Valerie had already made two gorgeous, festive wreaths that look particularly moody in this lighting. Her looks were inspired by this crow wreath (how cute are those burlap flowers?!) and this black and white striped wreath, while mine was inspired by this yarn wreath. Valerie made her wreaths from fabric she already owned and some materials from the dollar store…yay to us being thrifty! Oh, and thank goodness for Pinterest. I love me some holiday inspiration.

My wreath materials consisted of some sparkly ribbon, yarn, felt balls and hand-sewn, felt birds I purchased a few years back from the lovely and talented Alexandra Hunt (aka Mrs. Shortcake from Weddingbee). And most importantly, a whole mess of hot glue gun sticks.

Although I ended up covered in glitter and ripping off my freshly painted nail polish with hot glue, I felt a sense of mini Martha Stewart-esque accomplishment that I can only hope will repeat during the week ahead.

Pete always peeks at me through our front door, thus the face and finger prints that are in desperate need of some Windex attention.

Has anyone else crafted their own wreath or holiday decor this year? I would love to see your latest creations if you want to comment with links below!

Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar

{Photo credit}

This weekend marks the Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar, with festivities beginning this Friday night, November 18th with a VIP preview party from 6pm to 9pm for $25. My friends at Love Me Do Photography will be providing photobooth fun, so be sure to check it out! The craft show will be free and open to the public on Saturday, November 19th and Sunday the 20th from 11am  to 6pm at the 23rd Street Armory in Philadelphia. I am looking forward to attending with friends and afterwards, we plan to make our own holiday wreaths inspired by the talented Philadelphia area craftsters. I’m all stocked up on yarn and can’t wait to get started and share what we’ve made with you guys. I am hoping mine vaguely resembles a wreath by the time I’m finished, but if it ends up being a bundled mess of hot glue and yarn, I can always give it to my parents to hang on the fridge (only half serious, mom). Hopefully this will inspire me to give our front door a fresh coat of white paint since it is looking sad and yellowed.

{Photo credit}

Anyway, if you are in the area, be there or be square! I haven’t attended the holiday bazaar before, but I’ve been to all of their summertime craft shows in the past and they’re always a hit—especially when it comes to scoring original items for your friends and family.

Mark Malkoff and Why You Should Like Him

Getting six-pack abs within a month and moving into an IKEA store for a week are just two of the ambitious adventures my comedian friend Mark Malkoff has embarked upon within the past few years. My all-time favorite video of Mark’s documents his attempt to visit 171 Starbucks in one day (making a purchase and consuming part of the product in each location). His most recent video went live today, where he offered free cab rides to NYC residents for an entire day. From zany stunts to breaking world records, I definitely recommend you guys follow him on Twitter and “like” him on Facebook to find out what he’ll be up to next.

{October Challenge} 30 Day Photography Challenge

{Photo credit}

This 30 day photography challenge has been making the rounds on Pinterest, so I am looking forward to joining in on the fun, starting on October 1st. A lot of my blogging pals are planning to participate in the challenge for October, so I am anxious to see all of the creative results.

If you are interested in joining us, comment below and I’ll reach out to Our Wired Lives so she can add you to the participant list. A lot of people are posting photos from their iPhones or point and shoot camerass, so no need to have a dSLR to take part in the challenge. I’m looking forward to pushing myself outside of the box a little and think it will be a good excuse to grab ahold of my camera every day, since I tend to stick to only photographing things on the weekends. I’ll probably post a weekly wrap-up every Friday with the photos from the previous week, along with some of the duds or “bloopers.” I foresee a lot of photos of Betty White and Pete in the month of October, so brace yourselves for lots of curly white hair and ginger locks.

If all goes well, I might end up creating my own list for an upcoming month, since my camera tends to go into hibernation mode when the winter months are upon us.

Have any of you participated in a month-long photography challenge before?

Celebrating Oktoberfest!

Pete and I joined our parents and friends in attending the 3rd annual Oktoberfest, hosted by his brother, Dom. This was my first time at Oktoberfest, so I had a blast soaking in Bavarian attire, baby goats, bon fires and tons of tasty food. We decided to go all out and get a vintage dirndl and lederhosen on Etsy, but unfortunately for him, Pete’s outfit was a bit of a tight fit. Needless to say, we only lasted a few hours in our outfits before we snuggled back into cozy jeans and lots of layers. Thanks to my mom who gave me her vintage apron, which was a gift to her from her gran at her bridal shower.

I heart my leprechaun-looking lad in Lederhosen.

The farm had some seriously amazing decorations—from blue and white bunting and hanging flags to string lights and hay bales, I loved it there.

I thought it was pretty clever that there was a tree slab for guests to mark as they entered…definitely a cool tradition for an annual celebration.

I can’t take credit for this awesome illustration of Dom, but it made me laugh since it’s totally spot-on. If you aren’t big on pig roast photos, scroll past the one below and cover your eyes for two seconds.

Here’s my photo-op board in action! They even had a pig snout for guests to strap on, so I couldn’t help myself. My dad and I didn’t really master sticking our heads in the hole, but Pete was a pro with pigtails.

What did you guys do this past weekend?

Guest Post at What the Frock?

I’m flattered to be guest blogging at What the Frock? today! Head on over to read my post, which highlights how to give your kitchen a fabulous makeover for under $100. My friend Dana’s blog is an amazing source of budget-friendly fashion tips, which makes this thrifty gal smile on a daily basis.

In other exciting news, there are only 3 more days to vote for me as “Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger” at CBS Philly, so be sure to head on over there and show your support!

If I win, I promise to compile a celebratory post with a ton of cute critter photos, like the one below of our chinchilla Maude fighting off an angry t-rex.

I realize nothing says desperate like bribing your readers with photos of bunnies and the like, but I am competitive, gosh darn it!

Weekend Happenings!

This weekend, Pete’s friends from his Penn State days came over to join us for a barbecue. Luckily the weather cooperated and we were able to sit outside (speaking of outside–does anyone have a bug spray they would recommend that actually works!?). Pumpkin the dog joined us, but Betty White didn’t take a liking to her unfortunately. I think it made her miss Admiral Ackbar a little bit.

Our guests were very generous with cute housewarming gifts which made me squeal (I love me some owls).

Betty White doesn’t look amused by being held by the ginger…

Pete’s new favorite thing is making Betty White play drums with her front paws. This doesn’t amuse her either.


Other happenings this weekend included being treated to an amazing feast at The Melting Pot with Melanie for my belated birthday celebration, an engagement shoot with a lovely couple at Terrain, finally painting our hallway and revamping the rocking chair I found at a thrift store. In other news, I have an exciting freelance illustration project I’ll be working on this week, so my posts might be a little less rambly and more photo-happy for a while.

How was your weekend?