Lucky in Love

This weekend began at the local grange fair, where Pete and I roamed around the tents with barnyard critters (the rabbit tent was of course my favorite) and I bought overpriced nachos with “cheese.” We tried to wait it out for the hot dog pig races, but spending another hour at the fair with not much to do apart from people watching and petting goats resulted in us getting antsy and heading home. The next day I woke up bright and early and hopped in my car to head to a 12 hour wedding shoot in the city. I turned the keys and heard my car grumble and give up. My landlord offered to jump my car’s battery, which resulted in more huffs and puffs. Luckily, Pete was home and offered to drive me into Philly (an hour drive) since I had to make a ton of calls (a work emergency came up this week) and didn’t want to be driving while frazzled on the phone.

After a long and fun day shooting my pal Veronika’s gorgeous wedding, Pete picked me up and greeted me with my favorite ice cream, Oreos, Wawa hoagie and cold bottle of water. This boy knows me too well. I am usually starving after shoots (this time I was stuffed since the couple spoiled me with good eats!), so I was incredibly thankful to have him be so thoughtful when he was already doing me a huge favor by picking me up. He is always thinking of me, whether it’s random flower arrangements (that he arranges himself) or a midnight picnic in the car, I can’t say it enough how much I love him.

Here’s the happy couple. Feel free to visit my Flickr page to see the rest of their photos!


Snakes on the Brain (What’s up, Cheesy Title?)

This past weekend, Pete and I went for a walk with Betty White at one of his favorite places, “High Rocks.” The late James A. Michener (a local celebrity of sorts) had contributed a significant donation, which led to the addition of high rocks to Ralph Stover State Park. The 200-foot sheer rock face cliff overlooks Tohickon Creek, which the Lenape Indians (my ancestor’s peeps!) named to mean “deer bone creek.”

Pete is an outdoors kind of guy and I am an air-conditioned, indoors kind of gal. My idea of a fun time is not walking around the woods sweating in places I didn’t even know existed, while scouring the ground in fear of snakes. I am an absolute nut case when thrown into the great outdoors and he loves me just the same, which baffles me. I am trying to take baby steps and get over my negative impulses with nature and just enjoy the beauty of it all. But seriously, the day I see the snake out there (no matter how harmless), I will lose. my. shit. (PS. Mom, this is totally your fault for making your children terrified of snakes for no apparent reason.)

Is there anyone out there that is as much of a puss as me when it comes to hiking and hanging out with Mother Nature?

For the credit card clueless…

I am so not domesticated.

As a 26-year-old, I should probably know more about credit cards than I do. I know that I have one and that I pay it when my bill comes, but other than that, I’m no expert.

My mom signed me up for a Macy’s Visa card when I was in college and I’ve just always used it out of habit and haven’t opened any other cards. Macy’s just sent me a letter the other day stating that they were making the switch to American Express in a month. Boo. I like American Express when it comes to buying oversized bulk products I don’t need from Costco. I can rationalize such purchases in my head by breaking down the savings of a huge bin of Nutella vs the regular much-too-small container. When it comes to everyday purchases, I’d like a Visa card. I don’t need anything fancy, I just want a card I can rely on to get my back if there’s some freak emergency. For instance, if I’ve been mugged at gunpoint at an ATM and have zero dollars left in my bank account afterwards and need to charge a box of Cheez-Its to my card because I’m dying of starvation in the desert. Come to think of it, I’ll probably want a bottle of water too, but that’s besides the point.

These are the bizarre frustrations that pop into my head when trying to decide on a new credit card to open. This is where I ask any readers I have (including you, mom) if they have any advice. Seriously, I am sure it’s going to be as simple as “Shannon, just go to the Visa website and pick something out, you silly goose!” I guess I was just curious if there are others out there like me who have been wandering around aimlessly using their first credit card still because they are confused about what other rewards programs are out there. Also! Once I pay off my Macy’s card this month, should I keep that account open and fairly active or never use it? OR do I close it all together? I should probably know these things by now, but alas, I am clueless.