Thanks to for nominating my blog!

Thanks so much to those who nominated me as a blogger for the “Happening List” on I feel all sorts of special. If only you guys realized I’m not so happening at all (unless watching Big Bang Theory marathons with my fiance and eating way too many Winter Oreos is “happening”).

I am completely flattered and would love for my readers (ahem, my mom and Pete’s mom) to vote for me here if you want to spread the love. The top 5 winners of each category (in my case, “people”) will be announced here on Monday, March 12th. The winners will remain listed on the site for a year and given the opportunity to add info about their business. Plus, the winners will also receive an official 2012 Happening List award from Bucks Happening, which sounds mysterious enough to make me want to pimp myself shamelessly.

So, without further ado…

Thanks again to Angela and Tina at Bucks Happening for the love…you guys are fantabulous (and I’m not just saying that to get your votes!).


Eeep! Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger Award!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for my blog for Philadelphia’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011! I was flattered to have been nominated, not to mention up against some of my favorite blogs (I’m looking at you, Geekadelphia). Somehow I managed to win the Editor’s Choice award for the “Everything Else” category, so I’m pretty darn honored to have been selected. Thanks to the editorial team at CBS Philly…I hope you guys liked the basket of cupcakes and $20 bills I sent over (kidding). Anyway, I’m going to wear this little blue badge with pride, thanks everyone!! And don’t worry, I won’t let this get to my head, I plan on returning to my regularly scheduled, self-deprecating posts in no time!

Guest Post at What the Frock?

I’m flattered to be guest blogging at What the Frock? today! Head on over to read my post, which highlights how to give your kitchen a fabulous makeover for under $100. My friend Dana’s blog is an amazing source of budget-friendly fashion tips, which makes this thrifty gal smile on a daily basis.

In other exciting news, there are only 3 more days to vote for me as “Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger” at CBS Philly, so be sure to head on over there and show your support!

If I win, I promise to compile a celebratory post with a ton of cute critter photos, like the one below of our chinchilla Maude fighting off an angry t-rex.

I realize nothing says desperate like bribing your readers with photos of bunnies and the like, but I am competitive, gosh darn it!

Nominated: Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger!

I’m pretty darn flattered to announce that youwannatalkjive has been nominated for Most Valuable Philadelphia Blogger by CBS Philly in the “Everything Else” category. According to them, I am “smart, funny and insightful” (if only they knew…), which made me blush big time. If you are a fan of my jive talk or if you like fluffy bunny rabbits, head on over to their website to vote for me! Voting for finalists is open daily now through Friday, September 9th, so be sure to get your vote on! Thanks to Pete for adding the fancy schmancy badge on the side of my website so people (ahem, mom) can vote easily!

Also, thanks to the mystery person(s) who nominated me! If Betty White or our other critters could type, I would assume it was them, but alas…

Free Engagement Shoot With Fromage Photography!

Now that Valentine’s Day season is over, I’m kicking off a free engagement photography contest over at Fromage Photography. Please visit my photography site to find out more details on how you or a friend can win a free shoot with yours truly!

Please spread the word and Tweet about the contest or “like” the Fromage Photography Page! I am really excited for submissions to start coming in and think this would be great for engaged couples looking for a fun, Springtime engagement shoot.