Then + Now: Our Houseaversary

One year ago today, Pete and I signed the papers at a very stressful house settlement—one which we nearly walked away from. Despite some oversights by our realtor that made our first few months as homeowners pretty anxiety-ridden, it was all worth it in the end. We couldn’t be happier to have spent the past year removing rooms and rooms full of wallpaper, filling as many brown yard bags as humanly possible, and making the most of spray paint.

In less than four months, we’ll be exchanging vows in our own backyard, the only place that seemed appropriate to formalize our commitment to each other. Every time I shuffle in the kitchen to stuff my face, I am taken back to the evening when Pete got down on one knee in our home. The house isn’t perfect by any means—the ceiling cracks after a coat of fresh paint, the basement floods, and the grass is filled with weeds—but neither are we. I’m really excited for what the next year will bring and I hope to have just as many before & after photos to share this time next year.

For now, here’s a glance at the original real estate photos vs some semi-recent shots of our latest improvements.

The sunroom hasn’t changed much, but we just made it a bit more cozy for now.
The living room is probably the most dramatic change after we painted the fireplace, wood paneling, wood trim, and door (not to mention the previously yellowed, smoke-stained ceiling).
Removing the curtains and wallpaper in the dining room did a lot to open up the space and make it more airy.
The bunny wallpaper and linoleum floors in the kitchen killed. me. We made a quick fix with some spackling, coats of paint, peel and stick b&w tiles, and painted cabinets.
We’ve hung curtains since the photo (right) was taken, but it’s still less of an eyesore than before when it was covered with even more stained bunny wallpaper.
The photo (right) is a poor representation of our pet room from when we first moved in, but it can give you an idea of the lack of Thomas Kinkade wallpaper.
The upstairs guest bedroom still has a long way to go—those hollow wood closet doors need some love, the antiquated a/c unit needs to be removed, the furniture needs to be spray painted—but it’s still better than before.
The upstairs bathroom is a tough one to photograph without falling off the toilet, but we removed the stained butterfly wallpaper and replaced it with coats of grey paint to keep things simple.
Our old friend, the concrete death pool, now houses a fire pit until we can afford to update our patio.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour! Happy 1st houseaversary, Pete. I look forward to celebrating Cinco de Mayo-style tonight by making tacos on our grill.


7 thoughts on “Then + Now: Our Houseaversary”

  1. Happy house anniversary. You have accomplished so much in one year. Everything is fresh and clean. The walls, ceilings and floors are all redone and you are ready to decorate. That can take years in a house. What a great job you did!!
    Enjoy the best of everything in this new home you are creating together,


  2. Wow, it’s been a year already! You’ve both worked your butts off and accomplished more in one year than most couples. We’re so proud of you and love your home and the changes you’ve made. Really looking forward to your backyard wedding and the joining of our families. Love you both.


  3. It is really weird, on one hand it feels like yesterday when you took Dominic and Me through the house but on the other hand It feel like you and that warm, lovingly transformed house has always been a part of our family.


    1. We couldn’t have moved in on time without your family’s help stripping wallpaper, patching, and painting. You guys saved the day, we so appreciate all the help over the past year : )


  4. OMG Shannon, the amount of work that has been done in a year makes ME tired! You guys must really be a great team because it’s difficult sometimes for one project let alone touching almost every square inch of your place and property. Congrats on the beautiful work and your upcoming wedding. Great talking to you today as well and we are very excited for the months to come. See you / Talk to you soon!


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