Introducing Our New Foster Dog: Donald Sutherland

Meet Donald Sutherland the dog. Last night we decided to give fostering another go (our second time ever), so we went to the PSPCA in search of “Buster,” who we saw listed on their website as being shy, old and blind. After waiting two long hours, we finally met this little wiry haired guy, who has the body of a Dachshund and the combover-esque hair of a terrier.

We fell in love and scooped him up and now he and Betty White are in cahoots (and by “cahoots” I mean he sniffs her and she  runs away and escapes to higher ground). We’ll see how well he and Betty end up getting along before I consider hiding him in my pocket and keeping him for good.

We’ve renamed him Donald Sutherland because we think the resemblance is pretty uncanny, but maybe you have to meet him to see it.

Likes: Rubbing his face on our shaggy rug. Romping around in the backyard. Artfully peeing without lifting his leg. Being mistaken for a member of the Sutherland family. Devouring Beggin’ Littles. Trying to get Betty White’s attention by playfully barking at her in a guttural tone.

Dislikes: Being returned to the shelter for “not being very playful” after just one day of readjusting to a new home. Not being tall and limber enough to jump on the couch. Being mislabeled as “blind” when he really has nuclear sclerosis (which in his case, doesn’t affect vision).

He isn’t doing a ton of smiling in these photos, but I’m sure that will change once he’s grown more comfortable here. We get attacked with tail wags and kisses whenever he’s not sleeping, so we think he’s pretty happy (even though we I dress him in a sweater sometimes).

I’m looking forward to sharing more about Donald Sutherland as we get to know him better. Do you think we picked an appropriate celebrity to name him after or would you have gone with a different long-haired gent?


12 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Foster Dog: Donald Sutherland”

  1. So sweet of you to foster this guy! Sounds like he just needs a little TLC, and lucky for him he’s at the right place. He looks very comfy and happy already. And he isn’t actually blind? – yay! And age is just a number… now that he has the love and attention he needs, he’ll rediscover his youthful little self 🙂


  2. You found another cute face from the crowd. I’m really happy that you decided to foster again. Donald Sutherland is the only name for this pup! hahaha


  3. Oh, he is so so sweet. As a Dachshund owner, here are some things to keep in mind (NOT criticizing, I’ve seen some horrible things happen to dachshunds so I like to give a tip or a trillion). Because they are long bodied but short legged, they tend to have slipped discs (and patellar luxation where their kneecaps come off the knees, our dog has it). They can severely injure themselves when they jump up and down from couches and stairs, it’s usually better for them to have a ramp than stairs. They will eat themselves sick, and still not stop. They just don’t have the thing that says to stop (like my husband!), so watch for that. They also tend to get lazy and overweight (Look at our poor Woofie at home who is generally obese because we have a baby at home). They’re MAJOR diggers, and will often tear their beds apart to remove the stuffing and crawl inside (it’s so cute but we have ruined a ton of beds that way!!). They love to burrow, whether it’s in blankets, sheets, towels or rugs. Dachshunds are KNOWN for their incredibly annoying whine/howl when they get their nails trimmed. It’s sooo aggravating. You’d think you were murdering them! And above all: they have the nickname of “Carpet sharks” they’ll cruise along and just attack like some kind of creature from the deep, because they are SILLY. Silly little clowns and they are incredibly loveable and SO sweet and snuggly.

    You are doing such an incredibly wonderful thing, I can’t even tell you. The love you get from a dachsie is just insane. And they are the best foot heaters around. 🙂 Thank you for doing this.


  4. Welcome to the family little Donald Sutherland. We love the name and the likeness is amazing. He is a cute little guy. Betty White is so good with other dogs and she’s had her share of them to deal with. Love that she just walks away rather than snapping at them when they sniff her and bother her.

    Hope you find a home for him since we can’t petsit more than one pup. Whiskey would not tolerate that. He’s not as easy going as Betty.


  5. Why did you change his name? Did he respond to Buster or was that a new name for him? Does he respond to Donald? I’m moving out of my parents soon and will keep an eye on your future fosters, as long as I am in an apartment that will allow dogs. I wanted the last one SO BAD!!! And now I want Donald!!!!! Keep fostering! You are doing such a great thing. I hope you know that.


    1. He didn’t respond to Buster since the shelter gives rescue dogs new names as soon as they come in. He does respond to Donald now : ) Thanks for keeping an eye on our future fosters! ❤


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