Our First Year Hosting Thanksgiving: A Recap

Thanksgiving has come and gone since my last post, but I wanted to share a recap of our festivities, since it was our first year hosting Thanksgiving with my family. As you might recall, my family of seven requested a 24 lb turkey, so my sister-in-law, Pete, and I woke up early and prepped the turkey while watching the Macy’s parade. My sis-in-law and Pete did most of the dirty work (aka rubbing herb butter under the skin) since I was on a hunt for sage in the supermarkets (we just used rubbed sage since I wasn’t able to find any fresh sage all week long). I included this gross photo so you could see the unfortunate “before.” Sorry if I’ve scarred you for life!

Thank goodness for Pete, who did all of the heavy lifting. He was a total godsend when it came time to basting, flipping, and cutting the bird.

You’ll see our menu on the left, which consisted of the following:

While our table might have been a bit mismatched, everything was delicious and that’s all that counts.

My mom wore sunglasses like a domestic rockstar while helping Pete serve the turkey since our bay windows let in a ton of light and we don’t have curtains. Thanks to everyone for your help, we had a blast hosting for our first time ever and hope to do it again! Special thanks to the best sister-in-law ever for helping Pete and I out all day long and easing my stress while I burned walnuts and caught bread cubes on fire (not sure if anyone saw that).

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with lots of leftovers!


16 thoughts on “Our First Year Hosting Thanksgiving: A Recap”

  1. Shannon,
    You really make me smile reading your posts. I love how close your family is. What a great Thanksgiving!! I must ask, no Betty White pics?


    1. ha! i had about 2 minutes to take the photos i did since my entire family was like MUST EAT NOW PLZ so i didn’t even get a chance to snap any of miss white. i’ll make sure to have lots of xmas betty pics to make up for it ❤ thanks for the sweet comment!


  2. looks great shannon!!!! i want to steal the chalk board door idea too however i do not have a door in my kitchen aside from the door to go out doors 😦


  3. The turkey looks much more attractive in the after pictures!! Pete will have to grow you some sage next summer. It is very low maintenance.


  4. I love when you write about your adventures in the kitchen/ house. Everything looked beautiful except for the first picture of the bird but wow did it come out well. Glad we will share many more with you now that you’re a part of the family.


  5. You did good, kid 😉 I LOVE your napkin holder! And I love to paint stuff w chalkboard paint..I dig the door idea. Food looks amazing. Love you!


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