Foster Update: Charley & Family

Today I had the pleasure of handing Charsi Charley off to her new family, Karl and Dawn (and Pebbles). We met at the shelter, signed some paperwork and before I knew it, Charley was on her way home with her forever family. I am so excited that Charley lucked out with such amazing adoptive parents. They are seriously the nicest people on the planet and it’s been a blast rambling back and forth with them via emails and texts. I look forward to keeping up with their pooch happenings on Facebook, but for starters, here are some photos they took today during their first official day together.

Oh my goodness, I love that Pebbles and Charley are getting along swimmingly. Something tells me they’re going to be BFFs for life.

Looks like she’s made herself at home already!

This is just further proof that Charley’s new parents are the sweetest ever. They gifted us with this lovely engagement basket of goodies, including craft beer for Pete and Fiji for me since they know I’m a waterholic. Their basket presentation was super adorable, but I couldn’t resist opening it up and playing around with everything (ahem, thus ruining the packaging and bow).

Thanks so much to Karl and Dawn (and Pebbles)! I never imagined being able to make friends out of this experience, but I can say with certainty that you guys are keepers. Knowing there are awesome pet owners like you who are opening your home up to a shelter pooch definitely warms my heart. I hope Charley brings you lots of love…be sure to give her a few butt scritches from us!


One thought on “Foster Update: Charley & Family”

  1. And we’re already starting to price fencing. hahaha – Charley is really enjoying her new space and getting very comfy on all the various pieces of furniture. She just met her new “Grammy” and they already hit it off. Never thought I’d meet another dog that was as into “relaxing” and stealing attention more than Pebbs!


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