Countdown to Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is officially just ten days away, which means my entire family will be in the same place for the first time since last Christmas. It also means I am gathering inspiration for recipes for the turkey-filled day. Unfortunately, my family has made it clear that they want a big bottle of ketchup on the table, which will likely tarnish my hopes for a Martha Stewart-esque tablescape, but oh well. I have been gathering some recipes, but wanted to see if any readers have favorite sides they’d like to share before I do a recipe round-up. I’m talking to you, Kerry!

Also, the more advice for cooking a 24 lb. turkey (assuming it fits in our oven), the better! Thanks again to everyone for the congrats on Friday, you guys made us feel all sorts of special.


8 thoughts on “Countdown to Thanksgiving”

  1. First of all, a belated big congrats on the engagement – that is so awesome, and what a great proposal story! Love it. Second of all, I have a really yummy sweet potato recipe that I’d be happy to share. Email me if you’re interested! Congrats, again!!


  2. 24 lbs… Yikes. That’s a whole lotta turkey. Did you notice Martha’s recipe for a 12 lb bird serves 8-10 people. There’s only 7 of us right? That’s a lot of post-thanksgiving turkey sammies…


    1. Giiiiiiirl, you should’ve chimed in on the phone when we were all talking about turkey day foods. Everyone but me was saying how much we “need” a 24 lb. turkey. I said a 12-16 lb turkey is more than enough, but I got out-voted. We’re going to have enough turkey to last another year…assuming it fits in the fridge. They don’t even make bags big enough for 24 lbs. Le sigh.


  3. Make sure you brine your turkey!

    This will ensure you have a really delicious, moist bird. It will take quite a while to cook since it’s such a huge ol’ bird, but maybe not quite so long if you opt on frying it. You can also stuff butter between the bird’s skin, which also ups the moistness (I’m so sorry for using that word twice) and makes it really flavorful. I like to do it when I’m cooking chicken, though it’s a little strange and if you’re like me, you’ll have to think of other things not to get too grossed out about the whole separating the skin from the body thing.

    There are so many sides you can do, I don’t know where to start! Instead of marshmallows, I like to cook yams with pecans and brown sugar, but you can throw in some marshmallows if you really want to.

    I make buttermilk friend green bean bundles, both vegetarian and wrapped in nitrate/nitrite-free uncured bacon.

    Since the bird is so huge, I would shy away from stuffing it because it will only increase the amount of time to cook. Instead, I would make your stuffing in a pot with some turkey stock, herbs and spices and cook dat shit downnnn. I prefer it because then you don’t have chunks of dried out stuffing from where it spills out of the bird’s cavity. And who wants to eat something that’s been cooked inside a bird’s cavity anyway?

    Girl, I could go on and on. You could always try my pumpkin pie and white chocolate soup as a dessert if you want to try something a little different. Excuse the plug.

    But FO’ REAL. If you want to talk about food, let me know and I can hook you up with some more ideas! Just give me some ingredients and I can shoot you some ideas to play off of.


  4. So how big is that bad bird you have in your fridge? I always stuff my bird regardless of how big he is and have extra to cook in a casserole dish.

    Kerry is so right about cooking the stuffing in a pot thought. A crock pot is even better ~ so very MOIST! Do you have a crock pot? If not, maybe you can borrow one from Mary.

    I always carve all the meat off the carcass (gross sounding word) after dinner. Grandma wants the carcass (eeewwwww) to make turkey soup. Not a huge fan. Oh well.

    I’m sure your dinner will be yummy.

    By the way, Grandma cooked a 6 lb roast beef this week. There were eight of us for dinner and not much meat left at all. Imagine, Dad was not the biggest eater, Frank was.


    1. The bird is 24 lbs as requested, thanks to Mr. Schuster (aka papa duck)! We won’t be stuffing the bird, however we will be brining it. Despite the fact that most discourage against brining a frozen bird, I’m going to give it a whirl to add some flavor.

      We’re making tons of food, so come hungry! We also bought plenty of extra tupperware so you can bring lots of leftovers home. I’m not about to eat the remaining 12 lbs of turkey by myself.

      We do have a crock pot, I’ll have to find an appropriate stuffing recipe. I’ve found a recipe for everything else, so that’s my last step as far as scouting recipes go.

      Grandma can have our carcass if she wants. That sounded dirty.

      Looking forward to your visit, even if I mess up all the cooking, at least we’ll have deviled eggs and cucumber salad.

      PS. You know we have a huge ketchup bottle here, you don’t have to bring your own….


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