Our Pop Culture Pumpkins: Star Wars + Firefly Love

Pete took a personal day today, so our afternoon consisted of a Firefly marathon, followed by much-needed pumpkin carving—Pete carved Boba Fett and I worked away on Wash from Firefly. I’m sure people will recognize Boba Fett, but I have my doubts that the sci-fi deprived neighborhood youngins will pinpoint my homage to this fabulous guy:

I’m really looking forward to handing out Costco-sized candy to trick or treaters this Halloween…we are striving to be the cool house on the block that spoils kids with oversized chocolate (if we don’t eat it all first).

Is anyone else handing out candy to trick or treaters for the first time this year? Hopefully we won’t get egged too much…

11 thoughts on “Our Pop Culture Pumpkins: Star Wars + Firefly Love”

  1. I abso-positively LOVE your pumpkins! And to answer your question, we never get trick-or-treaters because we live in a small condo building and no one has brought their kids around to the separate units since we first moved in 3 years ago!


  2. Ha ha, Daryl said we couldn’t get dollar store candy because he didn’t want to get egged either! Watch us not get a single kid, since I’m so pumped I can finally hand out candy.


  3. We won’t be home this Halloween since we’ll be in NYC watching the parade with Stacey and Kenneth. Should be amazing if we don’t freeze our butts.

    We’ll be leaving a bowl of candy on our porch and hoping the first kid to trick or treat is into “treats” not tricking all the other kids. Shouldn’t get egged that way.

    Not familiar with Wash, but he’s cute and your carving is spot-on totally amazing. Great job from Pete also. You two are so talented.


  4. Grandma said you should send a photo of your carving to the Firefly people. Hope that makes sense unless I don’t know what Firefly is. ?


    1. Aw, tell Grandma thanks! Unfortunately the show isn’t on the air anymore–it was a sci-fi show with Nathan Fillion (your Castle crush). You need Netflix Instant so you can watch it…or we can schedule a marathon over Thanksgiving. Just sayin’.


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