Weekend Wrap Up: Linvilla Orchards

Almost nothing beats fresh apple cider from Linvilla Orchards (unless you’re smart enough to try the apple cider doughnuts). Pete has been hearing me talk about this place for well over a year, so it was only fair to finally make the trip together and roam around the festive farmland. We started off our visit by roaming around the petting zoo and made our way to the sugar-coated confections. Navigating around the swarms of face-painted families is a tad bit challenging in the market, but it is totally worth it because their selection of squashes, pumpkins and gourds are out of this world.

Did I mention their goats have the prettiest eyes ever?

NOM. Their sweet, little apple cider jugs are the absolute cutest.

I couldn’t resist snapping a super sleuth photo of this cute youngster picking out a pumpkin. I love that the excitement of choosing the perfect pumpkin never fades away. This is the first year we have a house and can actually display our decorative lanterns on our porch steps, so I can’t wait to have a mini carve-off.

The sad Humpty Dumpty pumpkin and lazy-eyed Jersey Devil are two of my favorite regulars at Linvilla. How can you not love their faces?

There was also a mini “27 Club” jack-o-lantern shrine set up, including a Amy Winehouse pumpkin.

We ended our evening with the autumn moon hayride, watching the sunset lapse into the night sky. It was lovely riding through the fields and orchards and following it up by roasting marshmallows in a glowing bonfire.

What are some of your favorite spots for fall festivities in the area?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up: Linvilla Orchards”

  1. Linvilla is one of my favorite fall activities, too! I LOVE those little apple cider jugs, and I also usually devour one of those disgustingly delicious potato chip butterfly-thingies with cheese (know what I’m talking about??). Yummy 🙂

    We’ll be venturing there sometime in the next few weeks!


    1. Oh my gosh, I saw a woman walk by with that potato chip concoction and I wanted to get one so badly. I figured it’d take me 2 hours to snarfle (I’m the world’s slowest eater), so I decided to pass so we could catch the last hayride. Yummmm. Have fun!!


  2. Ok, where is the wonderful place? I have a few days off w Daryl next week, and this looks like a perfect way to do anniversary stuff!!! We have yet to get pumpkins for our house too, kill 2 birds w 1 stone! Aaaaack, I’m excited! Ima look it up right now…


  3. Oh, my aunt lives in Media, it’s only like an hr away from us:) sweet, thanks!! Get ready for Daryl to post a million pics and videos on fb! Ha ha ha


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