{A Foster Dog Update: Featuring the Adorable Charsi!}

Charsi has been adjusting wonderfully here at home and now that her stitches have been removed, she’s officially geared up to find a forever family. Her and Betty White are getting along well (when Betty isn’t getting hit in the face by Charsi’s wagging tail), so she’d definitely do well in a home with other pets. She’s definitely changed a lot in behavior and demeanor since we picked her up her nearly two weeks ago—it’s crazy to think that she was listed as “fearful,” because she couldn’t be any friendlier now that she has warmed up to us.

Whoever ends up taking Charsi home will definitely get lots of love, but until then, we are happy to give her Beggin’ Strips and belly rubs. If you know of anyone who might be interested in adopting Charsi, please comment below and we’ll set up a date!

4 thoughts on “{A Foster Dog Update: Featuring the Adorable Charsi!}”

  1. I think it’s SOOO great that you’re fostering! Charsi looks to be such a friendly and well-mannered dog (and I’m sure her good nature has gotten a lot better in your care!) — I hope she is adopted into a forever home soon!


  2. Some really great shots of Charsi. She sure is a sweet looking girl and loves you.

    What’s with Betty White’s face in one pic? Not attractive. She’ll never get a man that way.

    Someone has to fall in love with Charsi after seeing these new photos.


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