Mark Malkoff and Why You Should Like Him

Getting six-pack abs within a month and moving into an IKEA store for a week are just two of the ambitious adventures my comedian friend Mark Malkoff has embarked upon within the past few years. My all-time favorite video of Mark’s documents his attempt to visit 171 Starbucks in one day (making a purchase and consuming part of the product in each location). His most recent video went live today, where he offered free cab rides to NYC residents for an entire day. From zany stunts to breaking world records, I definitely recommend you guys follow him on Twitter and “like” him on Facebook to find out what he’ll be up to next.


5 thoughts on “Mark Malkoff and Why You Should Like Him”

  1. Sorry, this is still cracking me up that you know him. Did you see the one where he lived on an AirTran plane for a month? Such nonsense. I remember when he used to do the announcements in high school; he was hilarious, then, too.


    1. That is too funny that you know him, although it makes sense since he’s from Hershey! He is friendly with my mom’s best friend, so I knew him through the family sort of. I first met him when he came to speak to my dramatic arts class in high school and then ran into him at a family friend’s wedding and stayed in touch since. He is full of the funnies.


  2. Haven’t checked many of Mark’s recent adventures. I must do it soon. I need some great laughs and Mark always provides them.

    Still reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I know I’m slow, but she’s so freakin’ funny.


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