Oktoberfest Photo Op Board!

Three days later and the Oktoberfest photo-op board is complete! I’m pretty excited to see it in action this weekend with people’s faces poking through. Be on the lookout for photos of Pete and I wearing Bavarian garb in the days to come…sorry in advance to my German BFF for my dirndl attire.

We moved the plywood to our basement last night since I didn’t want it getting ruined by the rain, which meant braving the huge mustache-ish centipedes. I had to finish it up while painting sideways, since it won’t fit standing up in our house. Betty White wanted to demonstrate the size of the board by stretching out and strutting her stuff. She’s totally doing her version of the downward-facing dog on the yoga mat…don’t judge her brown feet, she can’t help but eat them.

Anyway, happy drunk pig thoughts to all of my readers! Thanks again for all of the blog love lately!


6 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Photo Op Board!”

  1. Ha, Bavarians… those weird wanna-be-Germans. Pictures in Dirndl attire need to be send in my direction please! Please learn these sentences to fake the Germanness within you:

    “Ein Bier, bitte!”
    “Wo ist die Toilette!”
    “Das ist wunderbar.”
    “Ey krass, Alter!”
    “Ich bin total blau!”


    the real German. 😉


  2. It came out great. Looking forward to having our pics taken. If we were taking Whiskey to Oktoberfest, he could be the little pig in our photo.


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