Happenings: Baltimore, Maryland

Pete and I ventured to Baltimore, Maryland this weekend for a trip to the National Aquarium and American Visionary Art Museum. The aquarium had a special exhibit on jellies, which definitely made the trip well worth it. I stole a screenshot of this photo from the aquarium website because they made everyone smile for a photo as we entered. We look like major noodles, but I had to share.

This guy was gooood.

We visited the American Visionary Art Museum for the last day of the exhibit, “What Makes us Smile,” which was curated by Simpsons creator Matt Groening. The fabric paintings by Chris Roberts-Antieau were my favorite, along with the huge painting by James Franklin Snodgrass.

The American Visionary Art Museum doesn’t allow photography indoors, but I was able to snap a few gems outside, including this photo of Pete sarcastically grimacing (this was his reaction when I told him to “SMILEEE!”).

Good times. What were you all up to this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Happenings: Baltimore, Maryland”

  1. I’m actually quite happy in this photo, we had a great time. I just thought that trying to remain serious while standing next to a giant metal goose would be a great juxtaposition.


  2. We almost got married at AVAM (first place we looked) but as you can imagine it was way, way out of budget with no way to stretch it. BUT my best friend is getting married there next year and I’m SO excited!! squeeee!


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