Artist of the Week: Hollis Brown Thorton

I love this nostalgic tribute to the 80s by Hollis Brown Thorton. These permanent marker drawings make me want to play Excitebike on Nintendo while watching some old VHS tapes (my favorites were Weekend at Bernie’s and My Best Friend is a Vampire!).

{Photo credit}

Did anyone else grow up with an entertainment center filled with VHS tapes of movies recorded from TV?


6 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: Hollis Brown Thorton”

  1. I absolutely did! I remember that “The Brave Little Toaster” and “The Point” were on the same tape. I always fast-forwarded through “The Brave Little Toaster”… I don’t think I ever actually watched it. The psychedelia of “The Point” was apparently much more appealing to me. 😛


  2. Aww, I loved “the Brave Little Toaster”. We watched “the Goonies” a LOT back then, and “Flight of the Navigator” (which my brother called “Flying of the Alligator”, a fact that will haunt him as long as his siblings live).

    I remember, in 5th grade, going for a sleepover at my gifted teacher’s house. We thought she was just so cool we couldn’t stand it. She let us call her by her first name and had 2 armoires full of vhs (and betamax–remember those?!), most of which were MTV videos.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂


  3. OMG the Kodak tapes with the orange labels with the black angled stripes are giving me some serious flashbacks. I think I wore out the tape my parents recorded for me of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


  4. This reminds me so much of my entertainment center when growing up. We had a really large, brown one that held the hundreds of taped movies (my parents even had an alphabetized inventory of the movies typed up on our Apple II). We played them on our really old, silver VCR that had a pop-up tape loader as opposed to the newer front-loading ones. OH HELLO NOSTALGIA!


    1. Oh my gosh, we had pretty much the same thing haha. We had like 40 home videos at least and then a ton of movies taped from tv, which I watched religiously through my teens.


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