Say Hello to Skillshare

Skillshare, a community where anyone can be a teacher (even yours truly…scary), has recently expanded to Philadelphia. The NYC-based startup launched its service in April, providing a platform for users to offer classes to any kind of interested students. On average, people pay $15 to $25 per class, 15% of which goes to Skillshare. While the company doesn’t review the classes, they highlight the most interesting ones on their site. Local offerings include anything from Ed Tettemer’s “The Emotional Guide: Brands & Communications People Love” to “Cheap Dating for the Debonair.”

I’m looking forward to the launch so we can see the linked categories on the left, or recently added/most popular options, as well as a handy-dandy search bar. I’m anxious to review more of the classes once they start popping up after the official launch. I’d like to make a request for a “Tax Tips for Artists” class for gals like me who love freelancing, but hate trying to figure out how to declare that shite once tax season rolls around. I’d sign up for that in a hot second.

Anyway, above is a glimpse at the thrifting class I will be offering once I have enough “watchers” to select a date and time. I’d like to wait until I have at least 20 watchers before I make the class official, so be sure to sign up if you’re local and interested.

Also, next Tuesday, August 16th, Skillshare will be hosting their official Show & Tell Launch Party at the Field House in Philadelphia from 7 to 9pm. Pete and I plan to be in attendance, so we look forward to schmoozing with the locals about the exciting community marketplace.

Has Skillshare launched near you? What types of classes would you be interested in teaching/attending?

6 thoughts on “Say Hello to Skillshare”

    1. Awesome, we will be there so we have to meet up! Cupcake (Brooke) will be in attendance as well..maybe we should ask the other Philly bees if they’re interested in going so we can have a mini meetup! I am so excited to hear about your Spain adventures, you have a much more exciting life than me haha.


  1. Great post, Shannon. Just so you know, after we launch on the 16th, the link categories will be revealed and the 50+ classes have planned through October will be accessible!

    P.S. I’m going to feature your class right now.


    1. Hey Brendan,

      You are the super speediest responder ever. Thanks for the comment, I’m looking forward to the launch! I’m excited for the categories to be available or for there to be a search option. No need to feature my class, silly! If there are any classes on taxes for freelancers ever, I will seriously be a happy lady. Or classes on how to persuade your boyfriend to let you buy a pet goat. Either or…


      1. Yes, I am. It is both a gift and a curse!

        We have had many people ask about tax classes for freelancers. I’m going to hustle around and find a teacher in the next couple of weeks. I tried to get Tax Girl:, but she’s extremely busy.

        When it comes to persuading your BF to let you buy a pet goat, I think you’re on your own…


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