Making our House a Home

Remember Admiral Ackbar!? He’s back to show you what we’ve been up to with our most recent home renovations. I tackled the last of the wallpaper removal on the bottom floor (apart from the wallpaper in the closets…don’t get me started), which means no more smoke-stained, ivy wallpaper to greet us outside of the bedroom, bathroom and critter room. Hopefully next time you see this space, the wood doors will be painted white, which I think will really help make the tiny hallway look more open.

I chose the blue-grey color we painted our living room to bring into the small hallway to try to carry the color throughout the house. Painting the teensy space between the two doors was not a good time—I prefer to paint an entire bedroom of walls over trim any day. We’re not sure what to do about the light between the two doors…seems very random and pointless, but for now it will stay I suppose.

Another project I can now check off my to-do list is painting a chalkboard door in our kitchen. This project was incredibly easy and brings a lot of personality to the kitchen. I primed the door with some of the previous homeowner’s leftover blue paint in the basement and then gave it three coats of chalkboard paint with a roller. Once it dries, you have to rub chalk on its side on the surface of the door to sort of seal it.

I figured we could use the door to jot down our weekly menu or grocery lists (or to just write nerdy notes to each other). This way we can avoid the inevitable “What do you want to have for dinner? I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” ten minute, back-and-forth conversation.

I painted the back of the door so we have more room for doodling and staying organized, but I managed to rip part of the paint off by pressing too hard with the chalk (thus the “uh oh”). So for anyone else who wants to try this at home, I suggest being pretty delicate when writing on the chalkboard surface instead of attacking it with the sharpest end of the chalk. Lesson learned!

Hopefully next time I write a home renovation post, it will be about removing the wallpaper in the upstairs portion of our home (I need to get motivated, stat)!


11 thoughts on “Making our House a Home”

  1. The chalkboard is so amazing! Mike has been wanting a chalkboard in the kitchen since early in our dating days when we saw it in another home–I think it’s on our “must have” list in the future! The hallway also is such a beautiful color!


  2. I love the chalkboard door; it fits in perfectly with the rest of your home’s decor and definitely a +1 for the fun factor. So far, I am loving everything you’ve done 🙂

    PS: So funny you brought up Admiral Ackbar! My brother’s name is Akbar, so I call him that all the time.


  3. I really like it!! You should come help me. you seem to be able to do a whole house in no time. We are still working on our spare bedroom 😦


  4. You guys have a lot of doors there. I noticed one is you bedroom, and one is prob the bathroom, but what if you just ditched the doors that you never plan on closing? You could probably just spackle where the hinges were…then the doors aren’t taking up space, either!

    ps Why is Admral Ackbar back?! Did he run away AGAIN?! Poor poochie.


    1. Admiral Ackbar is only back because I used a really old “before” photo from when he was here. I’m sneaky like that! Obviously this was a project I planned on attacking a lot sooner ha. Anyway, the doorway leading from the dining room area to the mini hallway actually had a door, which we removed almost immediately after we bought the house and spackled/painted. There was also a door in the awkward opening from the kitchen oven area to the upstairs (you’ll see how cramped it is already without a door there, it was absolutely nuts before). The reason we can’t take the doors off in that area is because if we don’t close our bedroom door and the critter room door at night, the bunnies are too loud for us to sleep. You’d be amazed by how loud Willie Nelson drinks his water and how noisy Cadbury is when she humps stuff all night long. The bathroom door sort of has to stay on and the closet door should probably stay on too since we are pretty messy and it’s covered in fugly wallpaper for all to see. Harumph…too many doorsssss!


  5. hmm…. i just got chalkboard paint last week and customized some jars for flour and such. I still have big plans for the rest of it!!! Hopefully to be done soon or I’m gonna run out of time if I do get the job.


  6. I love the color you have in the hallway. It would look great in mine. Where did you get it and do you remember the name of it? Any and all information would be much appreciated. Thanks. Jon


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