Back From Vacation: Part II!

My parents were gracious enough to pupsit Betty White while we were on vacation last week. Our separation anxiety-ridden pooch absolutely hates overnight pet facilities, so this was the best option for making sure she had a relaxed week as well. My dad ended up bonding with her a lot and supposedly she even cuddled him in bed at night (this never happens!). Yay to big socializing steps for Betty White! She even managed to become pals with my parents’ hyper Shih Tzu, Whiskey.

Pete and I decided to video our Betty White reunion, which just to warn you, includes lots of high-pitch squealing and flailing on my part. I may or may not be using my excited puppy voice upon entering my parents’ house. Don’t judge me.

Some embarrassing things you may notice about the video:

1. My dad is wearing white socks with sandals (I tried telling him this is a big no-no).
2. I am wearing flip flops (shocker to those who know I hate showing my feet).
3. There is terrible “artwork” everywhere from my younger years.
4. I practically pushed a very excited Whiskey aside to get a view of Betty White running out to see us.
5. I walk like a penguin when I’m giddy.

On the evening of our Betty White homecoming, we decided to take her and her new boyfriend Whiskey to the beach for a romantic stroll by the water. The following are the goober-y family photos which resulted.

I tried taking some GQ-style photos of the Ginger, who then attempted to photograph yours truly. I apologize, I’m pretty incapable of making a serious face when I’m not behind the camera.

Does anyone else get a similar reaction after not seeing their dog for a while? Keep in mind Betty White pretty much acts this way when I leave the house for five minutes, but with a little less heel-clicking.


12 thoughts on “Back From Vacation: Part II!”

  1. I love this video! Watched it twice. Just to clarify, do I hear you quoting Tommy Wisseau when you see her?? ‘Oh HAI BAAAABBBEE!”


  2. Dad didn’t know he would be shown to the world w/ his sandals and white socks. Should teach him not to wear them again.

    We watched the video three times. Whiskey looked at the screen, cried and wagged his tail a lot. I think he misses his girl, Betty White. He’s at the dining room window still crying. Poor baby.


  3. Ahh! I love this!! We picked up our dogs from the kennel yesterday and UGH–they didn’t care for poor Wrigley’s eyes like we asked, so you’re so very very lucky to have your parents available to watch her! Absolutely love the video, what a darling girl!


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