Before & After: Cabinet

As soon as I heard my friends Laura and Michael would be having a housewarming party for their new abode, I knew I wanted to make them something. So, last weekend Pete and I spent our Sunday browsing flea markets and thrift stores in search of something that I could revamp for their gift. The antique market (Golden Nugget in Lambertville, NJ) was filled with treasures, but mostly everything was ridiculously overpriced. There were only a few tables with items that were reasonable—but for the most part, vendors were being greedy with their prices. Although, I am not surprised that Bucks County locals have enough spare money to blow $80 on a globe that you could find at a Good Will for $5. When passing one of the tables, a book with bird illustrations caught my eye. It was falling apart and about 20 pages, but I thought it might be nice to frame some of the images from the book for our new home. When I asked how much it cost, the vendor told me it was $200 and that he found it in the trash (which is where he found all of his other items for sale, which he decided were worth hundreds of dollars).

We headed to Triumph Brewing Company for lunch and lucked out since they were in the middle of restaurant week, so I was able to thoroughly stuff my face on the cheap!

Our next stop was Good Will, which is where I found this collection cabinet and knew immediately it was what I was looking for. Pete also snagged a broken Crosley record player, which he fixed up, so we’ve been playing our vinyl all weekend and “dancing” sporadically in our living room. Pete’s Johnny Cash jig is definitely one of my new favorite things.

Here are the before and after shots of the cabinet. I actually started painting the cabinet and almost got the first coat of green on the front when I realized I hadn’t taken a “before” shot yet. I wiped off the paint as fast as I could so I could snag a photo, design*sponge-style since I adore their before and after posts.

I tried to make the cabinet as bright as humanly possible, without going too overboard. The couple’s new home has really gorgeous vibrant walls with beautiful vintage details, so I’m hoping it meshes well with their aesthetic.

I really love revamping old furniture and definitely plan to frequent thrift stores and flea markets a lot more now that we’ll have a house to fill. What types of before and after projects have you tackled and are you as bad as I am about taking “before” shots?


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