Before & After Inspiration

Our house inspection is this Saturday, so we’re crossing our fingers all goes well on that end. We will be working on saving for any potential house emergencies for the next few months. That being said, we will have to be creative in figuring out affordable ways to modernize the house if it ends up being ours in a couple of months. Since we don’t want to spend on any major renovations right away, we will be removing wallpaper and painting for the most part. Once we have our goal amount of emergency savings, we can begin renovating the kitchen, which is number one on our makeover list.

Here are some affordable before & after ideas for sprucing up our potential new home:

“After” Image Source

In the smaller bedroom upstairs, wood paneling covers the walls and ceiling, which can hopefully be revamped with some cheerful color and painted white ceilings.

“After” Image Source

The sunroom is pretty as is, but could use a fresh coat of color and trim, maybe something subtle and earthy to go with the blue floors.

“After” Image Source

I’ve mentioned before my obsession with white fireplaces, which I think would look really lovely with grey walls and pops of color incorporated in the room.

“After” Image Source

The bay window area needs some love, which could be accomplished by hanging airy curtains with new hardware and an area rug.

What are some simple ways you’ve given your home a new look on a tight budget?


9 thoughts on “Before & After Inspiration”

  1. You picked really awesome inspiration photos! I can definitely picture the space transforming with those touches!

    Good luck with the inspection, I hope it goes well!


  2. Love the inspiration photos! Maybe because it kind of reminds me of my house. We have wood paneling in our family room, and it’s painted a pale yellow, and up in our bedroom, we painted it a light aqua. And we replaced the heavy curtains the previous owners had all over the house with gauzy, breezy curtains. Made a HUGE difference! Good luck!!


    1. Ooh I’d love to see photos of your place, you should do a home tour on your blog if you haven’t already (I might’ve missed it). I love breezy curtains with pops of pale color, so pretty! Thanks for your comment!


  3. Love the before and after pics. You were so right about the sunroom. What a dramatic improvement. All of the rooms look so much better in the after pics. You need to give us color suggestions the next time you come down. Don’t want to paint a lot, just a little color here and there. Have way too much beautiful art work from you and Ken that show well on the white walls – unless you can prove otherwise. ❤


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