Insert title here ______.

Pete recently got a small Wacom Bamboo tablet for his birthday and was kind enough to let me play around with it. I made these two drawings so far—the portrait of Joseph Gordon Levitt as a quick sketch and the drawing of Pete as a more detailed rendering. I prefer the more loose, quick sketch on the left because it seems more sincere. The drawing of Pete is too uptight looking and not really my style, but both drawings were a useful exercise to get more comfortable with the Wacom. I’d definitely like to use it again in the future to make cartoonish illustrations, possibly to sell as t-shirts and other cute accessories.

In other news, I’m trying to come up with a name for my new dream series. If you have a moment, please vote on my poll. Whatever I name the series will also be the title of the website, where friends and readers can submit their own dreams for me to bring to life.


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