I need help with a bright idea…

I was just accepted as a member of the Crafting in Color Street Team, which is devoted to keeping Etsy bright and colorful. I just listed some blindingly bright pieces in my shop, so hopefully people will enjoy the new additions.

I’d like to start selling t-shirts with some of my illustrations on them (and not just because Ms. Meatball requested! hehe), but I can’t seem to find a decent supplier that offers a variety for an affordable price, rather than just one shirt in bulk for a gazillion dollars. I don’t want 100 shirts with a walrus on a skateboard, I want several different types of shirts with a few of each to start with until I can find out which designs are popular and more marketable (I want a golden ticket!!). I’ve tried doing iron-on transfers in the past, but the quality always deteriorates with washings. I can’t afford to tackle silkscreening t-shirts on my own, and my illustrations are too complicated for me to attempt to use my Gocco. Any suggestions, or should I just give up and sell my doodles on fanny packs?


5 thoughts on “I need help with a bright idea…”

  1. this may be way off, but have you thought about maybe putting a few designs on zazzle and selling them through your blog/website? http://www.zazzle.com/sellyou upload your designs, pick the shirt style, upload it to their “marketplace” and they sell them (you name your price so you basically decide your profit). it would not be the most profitable way, but it would be a good way to have someone else do the work at first and at least see if the designs are appealing to people.


  2. thanks for the suggestion, toots! although i probably won’t have time to hit them up during the holidays since i’ll only be in town for a little bit and the rents won’t want to let me out of their site hehe.


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